Oh the Places We Go

So, I thought we would take some pictures on our walk back from 7-11 tonight.  I bribed the kids with coke slurpees and the coke one was not working.  So after some convincing and a promise to go back tomorrow with Daddy, they settled on pineapple.

Here are some pictures of the parking lots sidewalks here by our apartment.  This is what we have to walk around.  The best is when they are driving up the middle of the sidewalk to find somewhere to park.  Lily and riley scream and pull me to the side.  I have them terrified of being run over by a scooter!

Then we stopped to see the noodle lady.  We don’t know her name or the name of the place, but Lily sure loves her noodles!!!

Then we headed to the rice place. The man at the rice place knows me but speaks no English.  I just hold up 1 or 2 fingers for how many I want and he yells back to his wife to make it.  So high tech.  We get the vegetarian fried rice.  I wonder why?

Oh, such creative names we have made for our favorite places.  We have the noodle place, rice place, breakfast place, yellow grocery store, and 7-11! 

I also have to include a picture of the “treat” that the lady at the yellow grocery store gave the kids. Everywhere we go, they pass out treats to the kids.  They love it!  This treat was all in Chinese and looked like some type of candy with Hello Kitty on the front.

However, it was not a treat on the inside!  It was some type of “seaweed candy”.  That’s what Lily called it.  It smelled HORRIBLE and looked like thin green sheets of paper.  Riley insisted on trying it though. 

That is just a glimpse into our little area of town.  I should have taken pics at 7-11 and the yellow grocery store, but forgot I had my camera.   I will try and get those on soon. 

The team won again tonight but it was not a save situation.  So Ricky had the night off.  They have an off day tomorrow and then head out on Sunday for a 6 day road trip.  He won’t be back until Friday night.   The kids and I are not going to go on the road with him this time.  I am going to try and keep them on a schedule.  So, we will be on our own for another 6 days!!   After that road trip, they have 5 days off.  We will definitely enjoy that time with Daddy.  


1 Response to “Oh the Places We Go”

  1. 1 Erin P. June 7, 2008 at 4:22 am

    Oh goodness! Yah…don’t think my double stroller will fit down those sidewalks/parking lots. Not a chance. I am going to buy some sort of funky baby sling tomorrow as an alternative. Thanks for the visual! Now I REALLY know what I’m in for! And props to Riley for trying the green “candy!”

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