Oh!  Maybe that’s why no one understands me.  Come to find out, not everyone here speaks Chinese.  Some people speak Taiwanese.  Sooooooo… I don’t know if the words we know are Chinese or Taiwenese.  My strong feeling is that we have a combo of both.  We have managed to make up our own language.  Who would have thought =)

Ok, now some side notes. 

1.  We saw a cat in the alley last night.  Mental note, no meat today.  Just sayin’

2.  I have a new Taiwanese boyfriend.  His name is “Henry” and he speaks no English.  He is 10.  He “hearts”me! 

3.  You can be “mean mommy” and “bootiful” at the same time.  At least Riley says so!

4.  I love that Riley says “bootiful”.  I HAVE to get that on video.

5.  We are going to the night market with the teachers tonight.  We are riding on scooters.  Pray for us.  Also pray that I find the little threading ladies.  No, seriously, pray about that please =)

6.  The people at the breakfast place are super nice.  I forgot my wallet this morning and they still gave me my coffee and they made it really big.  They told me to pay tomorrow.  I think that’s what they said.  HAHA

7.  It is so hot and sticky that I am stuck to the “leather” couch.  No, really, I am!  I will have to peel myself off like a fruit roll-up. (Yum!  I would love a fruit roll-up right now)

8.  Most of all, we miss everyone so much!  Love you guys!


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