The Night Market

Let me start off by saying that this is going to be a long post.  I apologize in advance but there is so much to write about. The teachers at school asked to take us to the night market tonight.  Some of you may remember we were supposed to go a couple of weeks ago, but it got cancelled.  So, they decided tonight would be good.  We met Meggy Mommy, Winnie Mommy, Mickey Mommy, and Cherry Mommy at school at 6:30.  We strapped on helmets and headed off down to the market.  Yes, I let the kids ride on a scooter.  I can’t believe it either.  However, they promised to go very slow and stay on the side of the street.  Riley rode standing up in between Meggy Mommy’s legs and I sat behind her.  Lily rode standing up in between Mickey Mommy’s legs.  They did awesome and absolutely LOVED it!  They were both sad when it was over, and it was at least a 20 minute ride. 

Here is a picture of the group of us that went.  They are such a great group of girls.  They treat my children like they would their own.  They all spoiled them rotten. 

Top row left to right Meggy Mommy and son, Meggy Mommy’s Mother in Law

Bottom Row left to right Cherry Mommy, Lily, Mickey Mommy, Winnie Mommy, Riley


When we pulled up it was packed!  It reminded me of the Butler County Fair minus the livestock. Well, I guess it had all the livestock, but they were cut up and ready to be eaten =)  They had games for the kids and tons of food and drinks.  The food was a tiny bit different though.  Instead of walking tacos and funnel cakes, we had chicken claws and stinky tofu.  That’s right, I said stinky tofu.  We’ll get to that in a minute.  Here are two pics of what it looked like.

The first  game we came to Lily jumped on the stool and was ready to go.  It was a dart game where you throw and bust the water balloons.  Ok, I had no idea that she could throw a dart.  She rocked!  She did awesome and won a prize.   Guess what she picked?  A recorder!  Come on.  Another loud toy to put on top of the armoire.  It has a home alongside the noise makers from the game and the candy whistles.  Riley, well, he needs to work on his dart skills.  I had to pay off the attendant to give him a prize.  Yes, he got a recorder too!

Next we headed over to the fishing game.  For 30 nt, or about $1.00, you get to “fish” for 15 minutes.  You use the little nets in big tubs filled with fish and scoop them into a bowl.  After 15 minutes, you get to pick 1 fish out of the bowl.  Okay, so we all know how short of a lifespan carnival fish have, but I went against my better judgement and let them do it anyway.  After 15 minutes we ended up with Sarah and Cat.  Sarah has since been renamed to Fishy.  Cat, well, we named him that because he had 9 lives.  Riley shook that bag like Darla in Finding Nemo.  “Wake up fishy!  Why are you sleeping!”  Oh my gosh, poor Cat.  I am sad to report that Cat didn’t make it past 11:00 last night.  I found him floating belly up.  So, Riley thought Cat was sleeping this morning.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him.  I am happy to report that we now have a Cat 2!

RIP Cat 8:00PM-11:00PM

As we were walking around, I kept smelling something.  At first, I thought Riley pooped.  I checked him and heard “I no poop Mommy.”  Okay, but man, something sure smells like poop.  I checked my shoes, and nothing there either.  Then, Meggy Mommy told me that it was time.  “Time for what?”  I asked her.  Time for stinky tofu.  No, it can’t be.  That cannot be the poop smell.  I told her that I smelled something like poop. She cracked up and told me that was stinky tofu.  She told the other teachers and they also though it was hilarious.  So, we go and sit at a table and wait for the stinky tofu.  Seriously people, the whole area smelled like a steaming pile of dog poo.  It made me want to gag.  It made me want to vomit when they put the plate of stinky tofu on the table.  It looks so harmless, but really it gets it’s name honestly. 

So Lily, tell us what you think of this stinky tofu!

Riley must have left his sniffer at home, because he dug right in.  He was even eating the vegetable, Kim Chi, that was laying in the stinky tofu sauce.  I couldn’t believe it.  They all love the fact that he will try anything.  He gets it from his mom, right? HAHA

Now here is the part that I was dreading.  They are all so excited to have us here and share their culture with us.  They really want me to try new things.  But come on people, do you not smell that?  Seriously, you want me to eat it?  I put on my bravest face, which was not very brave after I saw the pics, and tried it.  They started to tell me that it is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, but I then tuned them out.  I had to get in the zone…

Show us how you really feel…

I was so proud of myself for not spitting it out or vomiting afterwards.  However, I couldn’t get to my drink fast enough.  Is this thumbs up convincing?  I think so =)

I have to label Winnie Mommy the food pusher.  She kept saying “This is so good. Try it, try it.”  I drew the line at fish balls.  Don’t know what it really is, but I said absolutely not.  She was being very sweet, just so excited for me to try new things.  The next thing I tried is what she called lemonade.  I was a little scared because this is what the stand looked like.

I don’t know if you can tell or not, but right next to the ladle is a block of jelly like substance.  Winnie Mommy kept saying, “So good.  All natural!”  I don’t know what the jelly is and I don’t want to know.  However, I thought it was safe since they ladled out from around it.  That was until they handed me the drink.  Winnie Mommy pulled my straw to the top and told me to drink from there.  That’s where the jelly floats to.  The drink itself was really good.  It reminded me off a lemonade and tea mix.  I could have totally done without the jelly chunks though. I don’t want to have to chew my drink.  I give it a thumbs up though, a real thumbs up!

Next was the Taiwanese sausage.  The cat from the alley was not around here, so I thought the meat was pretty safe. Just kidding about the cat!  I have no proof that they serve it here =)  They told me it was pork and I’m not a huge fan, but I sucked it up once again.  It was really hard for me to try this because of all the images I have of meat in Taiwan, but here it goes.

This pic just cracked me up when I saw it.  I am in the zone…ready to go for it.  Totally psyching myself up.


Here is another convincing thumbs up picture.  I really tried hard not to gag. The meat was still in my mouth in this picture. It was really chewy.   I do rate this better than the stinky tofu though.  I love saying stinky tofu!!

We really had so much fun and enjoyed spending the time with the teachers outside of school.  They are so sweet and now it is making my decision even harder about the upcoming school situation.  I am still looking for another school, but really don’t want to leave the teachers at this school.  We still have a couple weeks to decide.

However, our night did not end here.  We had one more stop…the threading lady.  Oh my gosh, it was so painful it deserves it’s own post.  Stay tuned for the sequel…


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