Our Boring Saturday

Today has been a boring day.  Riley is sick, bless his heart.  He went to bed last night with a low grade fever and woke up at 1:30 with a raging fever.  It has run between 101 and 103 all day today.  I haven’t given him Motrin today, but I did through the night.  I figure his body needs to work to fight off whatever is going on. 


He has laid around and slept and watched movies.  He finally got up to help Lily with some of her crafts.  She is such a little artist and has kept herself busy all day.  Here they are doing some crafts. 


Riley just wants to cut with his scissors.  They are plastic so no harm can be done. 

 Lily made an apple tree with cheerios for the apples. 


 She has made a ton of pictures and has become very interested in photography.  Here she is showing off some of her skills. 

On the baseball front, Ricky is in Lotung today.  They have been gone since Sunday and have only played 2 games. He pitched the first game on the road and not the second.   It was raining there, so he wasn’t sure if they would play tonight.  I haven’t heard from him yet, so I’m guessing they are playing.  They travel to Taichung tomorrow to make up a rainout.  His 5 off days have been diminished to 2.  So, the kids and I are going to travel on the road with him on Wednesday.  We are going to Taipei, the home of the chicken claw on the sidewalk.  We won’t be home until Sunday night. 


I typed this up last night, Saturday, but didn’t get to post it until Sunday.  They did play last night and it poured the entire game.  Thank God they played, or else they would have had to make it up on Monday.  Riley is feeling better today, no temp, but grumpy.  He keeps saying ow and pointing to the back of his mouth, so I might run him to the doctor this afternoon just to be safe.  There is a pediatrician office on our street that says “We speak English.”  I will update later if we go!


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