Video on Stinky Tofu and Night Market

Oh my gosh!  When you have ten minutes you have got to watch this video.  It is a video of stinky tofu from the Bizarre Foods tv show.  He described it way better than I did.  I have not been to the restaurant in Taipei, but that is where we are going with Daddy this week.  Maybe we’ll have to visit…NO WAY!!!

I tried to get the video on my site and it won’t work!  Sorry!  If you click the link it will take you to the video on youtube.  There are other parts to this show too that are very interesting.  The second one shows a night market in Taipei that is a lot like the one we have here.  Now I know what some of the foods were there and I’m so glad I didn’t try them =)  The other two show some interesting Taiwan cuisine that I’ve seen, but haven’t even blogged about.  They have a black chicken that I’ve seen at the grocery store.  It looks just like chicken, but the skin is black.  I know now that what Ricky tried at the mall was a pigeon egg marinated in soy sauce and tea.  We knew it was some type of egg, but not sure what kind.  He said it was disgusting!!!  


1 Response to “Video on Stinky Tofu and Night Market”

  1. 1 Joel June 18, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    Hey guys,
    We miss you, it’s good to hear that Ricky is dominating over there. I know you miss home, but I’m sure you’ll look back and miss some things about Taiwan as well. You’re stories are excellent. Those of us back here in the boring states feel like you all are living in a movie. One of those comedies about Suburban Americans becoming fish-out-of-water in a tiny Asian country. Actually that does sound like a funny movie. DIBS! I just copy-righted it. I will need you all to sign off on the rights to your story though.

    Peace Out,

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