Next Time

The next time any of you hear me complain about Ricky being on the road, please remind me of this trip.  I want to hear, “Remember the time you went to Taichung and had to sit at the ballpark for 7 hours.”  Yesterday was awful.  We got to the field with the guys at 4:00.  I thought that we were going to get to check into the hotel and hang out there for the night and skip the game.  Nope!  I found out as we were getting ready to get on the bus that we were not checking in until after the game.  Riley was horrendous.  It was at least 150 degrees, or at least it felt like it.  He does not do well in heat.  We had to “hang out” for 2 and a half hours before the game even started.  We did get to go to a temple and it was so neat, but we only had 5 minutes until they closed.  The seats in the stadium have no backs to them.  It rained poured for 45 minutes and then stopped, so we had a rain delay.  We sat in the bus during the 1 hour delay with no air and it was so HOT!  They ended up finishing it.  Lily had to pee in a hole in the bathroom because they did not have American toilets.  This has been her worst fear the whole time we’ve been here.   By the way, that was hilarious but must be put in an entirely different post.  When Ricky got on the bus at 11:00, I told him that we were either taking a train to Taipei and would meet him  there, or we were taking a train home.  Today would be an exact copy of yesterday.  They are taking the bus to the next game, an hour away, and then taking the bus to Taipei, two hours away, after that.  There is NO WAY that we would make it.  So, the kids and I are hopping on the bullet train at 3:00 and heading to Taipei.  Daddy will meet us there late tonight. 

So the good news is Lily and Riley are finally getting to take the bullet train.  Lily has been dying to ride on it!  She is so excited.  We will be there in 50 minutes compared to 3 hours by bus.  That’s what I’m talking about!!!  I will update with pictures, hopefully, in Taipei.  I didn’t have time to get my computer hooked up and going here.

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