Pics From Taichung

Before we got on the bus.  Meggy Mommy gave them each a pillow for the trip.

Lily before the bus ride.  With her pillow, Bumble the Cat, and Quackers.   Thanks Renee for  Bumble!

Watching a movie on the bus ride.

Lily couldn’t get her headphones to stay on, so Daddy thought Quackers might help!

Riley crashed with 30 minutes to go. 

The inside of the bus.  It is really nice.  We are in the back row that has 4 seats across so we can all sit together.

I was a little worried when we saw the sky.  I had a feeling it was going to rain.

These are some beautiful orchids on a tree out in front of the stadium.  We learned that orchids have air roots and grow out of trees.  They were beautiful.  Lily said they were Meemaw’s favorite color!

This is the door to the temple.  We got there are 4:55 and they closed at 5:00.  I love the little entrance.  So tiny!

My sweet Lily taking a peek around a pillar!

Riley trying to do the same thing!  Not quite as innocent looking =)

I love this picture of Riley! 

We found this little bat on our way out.  Very cool.

Lily spotted this beautiful rainbow before the game!

Here is where the fun begins!  The game was so hot and humid.  We knew the rain was coming, we just weren’t sure when.  Riley eating a chicken nugget.

Lily eating her nuggets.

Here comes the rain!

And the tarp!

This has nothing to do with the rain, but I loved this sign.  It says “Game That Paying Attention to Flying Out of Bounds”.  I’m guessing that means watch out for foul balls!

So crazy when we finally got to the hotel!  He was doing superman leaps across the bed.

Daddy taught her how to write her name in cursive.  Thanks Daddy! (By the way, this is all at midnight.)

We went for a walk after lunch the next day.  We didn’t even make it to breakfast.  We all slept until 11:00!  It was awesome.  Anyway, I saw this guy and just thought, “Sometimes you just gotta take a nap.  It doesn’t matter where you are.”  He just looked so peaceful. 

Here he is up close.  Ricky was hollering at me to just let the man take a nap. HAHA

There was a fountain and a little area for the kids to run around in.  Here are some pics of them playing tag, Riley running away, and hanging out by the fountain.

Lily wanted her picture taken with the marble lion in front of the hotel.  Riley was behind her feeding the lion a tube of mini mm’s!

That’s it from the first part of our trip.  Even though it was a bad start, it got much better!  This pic was right before we got in the taxi to head to the train station.  The kids had so much fun and have been awesome since the horrendous game.

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