Dear Taxi Driver R000252,

   I would like to thank you for the nail biting handle clenching unique taxi ride today. We really appreciated the fact that it felt like we never got off the bullet train.  It was so nice to have a smooth transition back to the streets of Tainan.  However, I have a few suggestions for your next trip.  This are just suggestions, take them as you please.

   1.  Red means stop.  Especially at traffic lights. 

   2.  Touching the bumper of the car in front of you will not make that person run the red light.

   3.  I don’t think the shoulder is meant to be a lane. 

   4.  Driving 120 km/hr or 75 mph is illegal, especially when you are on the shoulder.

   5.  The scooter lane in for scooters. 

   6.  Just because you can fit your taxi in between two cars on the highway going 120 km/hr doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

   7.  Brakes are there for you to use before you are 10 feet from the car in front of you. 

   8. You do not need to cram a 25 minute cab ride into 10 minutes.

   9.  If you are going to continue doing 1-8, please install seat belts and car seats. 

Thanks for your time!


PS  You may need to replace the handle above the door.  I may have accidently loosened it slightly when holding on for dear life!


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