Ricky just took a few minutes to listen to me read my ramblings posts and he laughed when I read “Whisper” to him.  No, he didn’t think the post was funny, but the title.  Then he proceeds to tell me, “You need to write one and make the title Yelling.  Did you hear yourself this morning?” 

It is true.  This morning was not one of my finest, neither was last night, but there is no need to even go there.  Riley started in at 4:30 this morning.  “I hungry so bad.” That’s his new thing.  Everything is so bad.  I love you so bad, I thirsty so bad.  Anyway, you get the point.  No way was I getting up and getting him something to eat.  That would mean that I would have to get up and fix it.  Then sit out in the miserably hot living room with him while he ate.  Then I know there is no way he would go back to bed.  I tell him to lay back down and he continues.  “I need chocky milk so bad.”  I reluctantly give in.  Why?  Because I’m tired. I know that this will give me some much needed rest after he chugs it down.

I stumble into the kitchen and get his beloved chocky milk.  I hurl hand it to him nicely and crash back down on the pillow.  He gulps half of it and hands it over.  He lays next to me and so sweetly says “Thank you Mommy.”  Okay, you’re welcome.  No please go to sleep.

 Then at 5:00 I hear, “I thirsty so bad.”  So I roll over and grab the luke warm chocky milk and hand it to him.  He then says, “No chocky milk.  I need water so bad.”  Are you kidding me?  Come on buddy.  Once again, I head to the kitchen and get a water bottle out of the fridge.  This time he follows me.  This starts the yelling. “Get back in bed.  Do you know what time it is?” (Um, no he doesn’t know.  He’s not even 3. He doesn’t even care.  He is just thirsty so bad.)  So I lost my cool but quickly found it when I layed my head back on the pillow.  Riley is no longer thirsty so bad and I have drifted back into dreamland.

6:00  I peel one eyelid back to see Riley at the window looking outside.  It is now light outside and proceeds to tell me it’s daytime.  No sir it is not.  It is 6:00 and you need to lay back down.  As I scoop him up he starts to cry and then wakes up Lily.  Oh, it’s just one big party now!  Except, Daddy is sleeping through all of this.  Somehow, I end up as the host to this lavish event.  Here is yelling episode number 2.  I once again lose it. I’m sure the neighbors LOVE us!  I bet there is a wait list to be close to our apartment.  I get everyone laying back in bed, but awake.  I start to drift off, but am awakened by Riley squeezing my cheeks.  Lovely!

6:10  Yelling commences once again.  This time Daddy bear, who chose to awake from his hibernation for a couple minutes, tells me to quit yelling.  Oh, well excuse me.  Did I disturb your slumber?  I then ask him if I should just put on a movie for them.  He responds with a yes and then rolls back over.  No problem honey, I would love to go get it.  Thanks dear!  Let me go out into the other room for the third time, and get the dvd player. 

6:15  After much whining about what movie they are going to watch, I pop in one of my choice.  Yelling is finished and I get to lay back down.  Did I get back to sleep, not really, but I did rest until 7:30. 

So today will definitely not win me “Mother of the Year”  award by any stretch of the imagination.  Thanks to Ricky for coming up with a title to a  post for me.  I did have a few issues with yelling this morning.  But in my defense, why do children need to get up so early?  Why can’t mine just sleep in every day?  What happened to the 10:30 sleep in time we had on the road?

It’s all good right now.  They are both napping peacefully and I am getting some therapy blogging done! 

PS  I am so looking for some black out blinds/curtains for our big window.  If any of you have any contacts in Tainan, hook me up!  A girl can dream, can’t she?!?

1 Response to “Yelling”

  1. 1 Erin Pote June 23, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Oh man! Our mornings are early too! I feel your pain. Lou put both wardrobes in our room against the big window. It’s like a cave in there! I’m not sure you’ll have the room with another bed in there but it might be worth a shot!

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