A Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy off day for us.  The kids went to school in the morning, after the EARLY morning, and came home wiped out.  They ended up napping for 2 hours before we headed out for the evening.   Meggy Mommy was taking us to her Mother In Law’s Beauty salon to get Ricky and Riley’s hair cut.  We got there at 545, but they didn’t have an appointment until 7:00.  So, she wanted to show us her favorite kids bookstore that was right around the corner. 

 It was awesome, not to mention there is a Starbucks connected to it!  Bonus!  There is a little kid sized entrance that heads up the stairs.

 If you look behind Lily, you can see the footprints that lead up the stairs.  Very cool!  When we got up to the floor, we found a whole section on dinosaurs and fossils.  Here they are in front of one of the fossils.


Since Meggy Mommy was with us, she offered to take a picture.  Here are Ricky and I, awwww, in all our glory. 


There was a dinosaur skeleton in the next room. It was awesome!  There were signs everywhere that said no pictures.  I have no idea how this picture ended up on my camera =)  Whoever took it was immediately yelled by at the clerk in plain English.  “No picture!”  Breaking the law, breaking the law!!


There was also a hands on science area.  It could also be called “Put together plastic toys made in Taiwan area”.  The kids loved it!  Especially Riley.  He was putting things together and then taking them apart with the tools.  The girl that worked there was super sweet and sat and played with the kids for a long time.  Oh yeah, no pictures here either!  Oops.  However, she was very nice about it.  Come to find out, we weren’t supposed to take pictures anywhere in the whole bookstore.  Now that just doesn’t work for my blog, so I had to be a rule breaker.

We finished up with the actual book part of the bookstore.  Ricky sat and read to Lily and we looked at books.  Rather Meggy Mommy and I looked and Riley pulled on my leg hysterically.  “I thirsty so bad mommy!”  I guess I need to start feeding him and giving him water throughout the day.  Doesn’t he realize how time consuming blogging is?  I was excited to see tons of books in English.  This was definitely a wonderful place and I am so thankful that Meggy Mommy showed it to us.

Next it was haircut time.  We wouldn’t have been able to do this if Meggy Mommy wasn’t with us.  None of the beauticians here speak English, so she was our translator.  Sorry Henry, but she is way sweeter and prettier =)  They cut hair way different here.  The outcome was great, but it took forever.  Both of the cuts took 30 minutes each.  Poor Riley!  Inbetween wiping the hair out of his eyes, nose, and mouth (his hair was so very long) he would try and get down.  He held still long enough to get a great cut.  Here are my handsome boys…


After the haircuts Meggy Mommy and her son walked over to the night market with us.  Have a mentioned that she is absolutely the sweetest, kindest person we’ve met in Taiwan.  She worked at school from 8-5:30 and then spent the whole evening showing us around and translating for us.  She is truly a blessing to our family. 

Anyway, Ricky was so excited to walk around in the crowded, stinky night market.  Y’all know his love of crowds right?  However, he was a trooper.  Plus he was starving and this was the place to be if you’re hungry, well kind of, if you can get past the smell of poop aka stinky tofu.  I cracked up the first whiff he got of it. He thought my post on it was hilarious, but he thought I was exaggerating.  Um, no, not at all.  Ricky, who has an iron stomach and will eat anything, would not sit and eat his sushi anywhere close to stinky tofu.  He was in sushi glory when he saw this stand.

Then, Meggy Mommy wanted to get an oyster omelet.  I just knew that Ricky would want to try it, so she bought one for Ricky as well.  It is a Taiwenese traditional dish.  Um, no thanks. It looked like a ball of snot on a plate.  No offense meant in any way to the omelet, I’m just calling it as I see it.

Ricky said that it didn’t really taste bad, in fact it really had no taste at all.  He said it was just really slimy and chewy.  No need for me to try it.  However, at least it didn’t smell like stinky tofu =)

I opted for a baked potato with cheese.  It tasted more like sour cream than cheese, but it was still good.  Lily shared it with me.  Meggy mommy found it last time for me.  Her husband met us over at the market and he went and got it for me. 

I had to get a picture of this guy sitting next to us.  He was washing dishes for the food stand.  I will never eat off of a plate at a night market.  I will only eat from paper or plastic.  It was so gross.  He was washing dishes in tubs of nasty water with no soap.  There was a slop bucket with all the leftover food next to him. Gag!  I acted like I was taking a pic of Riley when I snapped this photo.  I don’t think I was too convincing.

Meggy Mommy’s husband bought us some Aboriginal BBQ to try.  Not sure what makes it Aboriginal.  He got sausage, pork, ginger, and garlic.  The sausage was actually pretty good.  However, we were all pretty full by then. By the way, we’ve always heard to go to the stand with the longest line.  This stand had by far the longest line in the night market.   Here is a pic of the stand and her husband.  He is at the front of the line wating so patiently…

The night ended with Ricky actually getting to hold Meggy Mommy’s son.  He is so adorable and just stares at us.  He doesn’t quite know what to think.  This was my favorite pic of the night…


2 Responses to “A Busy Day”

  1. 1 Erin Pote June 25, 2008 at 1:13 am

    I have the bookstore on my list for Henry to translate for us! I can’t wait to go. Those are the toys I bought at Toys R Us! What a great investment! It was 1000NT for the tool box set but it has been a life saver. They had so many other cool ones there too! Riley can come play tools anytime:)

  2. 2 Alisa June 25, 2008 at 3:00 am

    It sounds like you guys are doing awesome! I am so glad that Miss Meggy is there and helping you all out so much! She’s so fantastic – we felt the same way about her.
    Thanks for keeping this up so well! I agree it’s therapy for you and so fantastic for all of us back home.

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