Don’t Put the Chopsticks in the Fan

Some of you might remember these 7 little words.  They were part of one of my first posts from Taiwan on They were being said to Riley as he was inching closer to the fan with two chopsticks.  That was just the beginning.  He is drawn to the fan with any object he has in his grubby little paws.  I have said it about crayons, forks, spoons, remote control, pencils, pens, and the list is endless.  However, I guess I never mentioned pink plastic scissors. 

As I was doing the dinner dishes tonight I hear a crunching sound and Riley started screaming.  Yes, I cooked dinner tonight.  Amazing huh?  Anyway, so Riley starts screaming hysterically.  I panic, of course, and run all of 10 feet into the other room.  I see plastic schrapnel everywhere!  Riley is standing right next to the fan with his hands over his ears and is hysterical.  However, he still has the little pink plastic scissors gripped tight in his tiny hand.  Lily, on the other hand, is a few feet away intently watching Kung Fu Panda on the computer.  She is totally unfazed by the chaos that is within feet of her.  I grab Riley and pull him out of the way of the war zone of plastic fan pieces.  I brave it and  go and unplug the fan.  I immediately check him and he is not hurt anywhere.  Wow!  I was sure I was going to be pulling sharp plastic pieces from somewhere on him.  None. 

So I then ask him, “What in the world happened?  Did you put the pink plastic scissors in the fan?”  Of course he didn’t and of course “I don’t know what happened mommy.  I working with my scissors.”  Yeah right buddy!  I have seen the gleam in your eye as you see how very close you can get to the fan with any object.  I know the little grin you get when you are told not to put (insert any object) into the fan.  I then ask Lily and her response is, “What?  I don’t know what you are talking about.  I’m hot. Can you turn the fan on please?”   Okay, so she has the ability to tune out everyone and everything around her just like someone else in our family who shall remained unnamed.   R.I.C.K.Y.  

I still never got an answer as to what happened.  I tried everything.  So, I am sitting here in the miserable heat of the living room with no fan.  However, I don’t think Riley will ever try to put anything into the fan again.  But  I will still be on the lookout for any little gleam in his eye…

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