Hairy Meat

Okay, so my last two posts may not seem very child friendly by the names of them.  Boob tea and hairy meat.  I am so sorry.  I don’t make these things up, I promise!  So anyway, on to the hairy meat.  It all started when Lily came home from school a couple of weeks ago.

Me:  How was school today guys?  What did you do?

Lily:  Oh my gosh Mommy!  I do not like hairy meat.

Me:  What do you mean Lily?  What is hairy meat? (My mind immediately goes back to the meat man plucking hairs off the meat in the market) 

Lily:  You know, the hairy meat.  It is so gross.  Yuck.  They made me try it and I gagged.

Me:  What kind of meat is hairy meat Lil?  Is it pork like bacon or is it cow like steak?  (At this point I am so confused)

Lily:  I don’t know!  It is just hairy meat.  It is gross.

Okay, so now I have no idea what she is talking about.  It turns out the hairy meat is fried pork fibers.  Still confused?  Me too!  I have no idea what part of a pig is the fiber, and I don’t want to know.  Let me explain to you what makes the meat seem hairy to Lily.  Imagine a bag of cotton candy.  So sweet and fluffy.  Melts in your mouth.  Gets your fingers all sticky with that sugary goodness.  Now, imagine a bag full of pork fiber with that same consistency.  It is fluffy, but not so full of sugary goodness.  It made Lily think of a hairy texture. 

So, what made me blog about this today?  First of all, they have it quite often here in Taiwan.  It is in many foods.  Second, Lily came home yesterday and said that they had hairy meat for lunch.  Every time she says it, she says it with such seriousness.  It makes Ricky and I crack up.   

So, if any of you know what part of a pig fried pork fiber comes from, please leave a comment and let me know.  If you ever get to visit Taiwan, Lily says to stay away from the hairy meat! 


  Lily has found another “hairy” food here in Taiwan.  We went to buy fish food tonight, that is another whole story in itself, and we stopped at a new juice bar.  They made the kids a fresh apple juice with a juicer.  Riley loved it and Lily took one drink and whispered to me that it was “hairy.”  I cracked up and had to try it.  It was very good, but the “hair” was the pulp.  She is too funny!


2 Responses to “Hairy Meat”

  1. 1 kelly linebrink June 28, 2008 at 4:56 am

    i think its maybe like fried pig skins with the hair still on it?!? yall are so brave! love all the stories! scott comes in and i am crying and he can’t understand why…. tell rick to keep up the good work and get back to america! miss yall

  2. 2 lerrad March 20, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    well the ‘hairy meat’ is what we call pork floss…its just cooked lean meat(and i mean cooked…till there’s no moisture in it…just imagine over-done steak)
    they dry and break up the meat and add in soy sauce and some sugar,which the end product looks like hair that dropped off from a blonde with a short haircut

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