More Love From Home

The kids were so excited when we got home from the pool tonight to find a package waiting for them.  The Everett family sent us a huge package filled with wonderful things for the whole family.  I am sitting here drooling over a peach cobbler scented candle!  It is so yummy. 

The kids loved everything they got.  They snacked on some licorice, which they love, and you can’t find here.  Yes, I must admit, I gobbled some up too =) 

They had a blast playing with an alien kit.  It came with “Martian Matter” which was like playdough and some alien gel.  It was so cool.  Lots of ooey, gooey fun!

Lily then made a sucker out of the martian matter and gave it to her brother.  He, of course, tried to eat it.  I told him not to, but check out this little smirk.  If this is the worst she ever gives him to eat, I guess I should be thankful.

Lily was so excited to open her shrinky dink kit.  I haven’t seen a shrinky dink in ages.  However, the kit came with all the accessories to make hair barrettes, bracelets, and key chains to put all your shrinky dinks on.  Lily couldn’t wait to make a friendship bracelet.  She did a great job!

Thanks again for sending us this awesome package!  It was so kind of you.  Love you guys!


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