A Night At the Ballpark

We finally got to go to a ballgame with all of the teachers.  The kids were so excited to go with them. 

 I think they were more excited to get to ride the scooters there.  Lily thinks that she is hot stuff on a scooter =)  It was such a hot night.  They say that is only going to get hotter too!  I don’t know how many games we’ll get to go to if it gets hotter.  Here is a pic of all of us.  Notice Riley’s head buried between my legs.  He decided he didn’t want any more pictures!

The Pote’s were there too.  They wanted to spend some time with the teachers since they will be joining the school on Monday!  That’s right.  Lily will have Conner in her class and Riley will have Owen.  Poor Winnie Mommy!  Riley and Owen.  Boy!  She will have her hands full!!  Lily and Riley are so excited that they will be joining them.


Somehow, Lily ended up in almost every picture.  She just runs when she knows a picture will be taken.



So now that they have a slurpee machine at the field, the kids feel that they must have one every night.  Here is Riley enjoying his mango slurpee. 


It was so nice to have some help with the kids during the game.  They enjoyed getting to sit and hang out with all the teachers.  Here is Riley with Winnie Mommy.  She had to put on her glasses to see one of the players on the other team.  I won’t mention which one she had her eye on.  She is a huge baseball fan and knew all the cheers and knows all the players.

We got to see the lion on the scooter again.  I know, I know.  Another scooter picture =)


Lily and Riley both got to take some pictures with my camera tonight.  Not sure who took this one, but it is good.  It is Meggy Mommy, Mickey Mommy, and Cherry Mommy.


The teachers kept asking me if Ricky was going to get to pitch.  He hasn’t pitched in awhile, so I was hoping that he would get an inning in.   We were so excited when he came out to warm up in the 8th inning.  Even though we were winning 7-1, he was going to pitch the 9th.  Here is in the bullpen.


Can you believe it?  I actually have a picture of him in uniform and it’s not off of the tv!


See that guy in the middle?  That’s Rachee walking out to pitch the ninth.  I know I need a better camera.  I am looking into getting one.  However, trust me, it’s him!

The teachers went crazy!  It was so much fun.  He gave up one hit and then had two strikeouts.  It was a great night.  They even had a little chant for him.  Not sure how to write it, but I’ll do it phonetically.  Nee How Bung.  It means “you are great!”.  Here they are with the cheering balloons after one of the strikeouts.


Before we got on the bus, they all did their cheer for him.  It was very sweet.  I’m so glad that they got to hang out with us at the game.  We had such a good time!


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