Potty Talk

I’ve been holding off on writing this for fear that I will be proven wrong.  However, I think it’s time to shout it from the roof tops…

Riley is potty trained!!!  Woohoo.  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  He has gone three whole days with no accidents.  He has done that at school for quite awhile, but was a little lazy on the home front.  He now has it down.  Okay, so I had to bribe him with m&m’s to poo, but is that a crime?  Come on.  Who wouldn’t poop on the potty for chocolate.  I thought that I would give the pro’s and cons to having Riley potty trained.


  • No more expensive diapers.  Especially size XXL in Taiwan that are impossible to find. (unless you have a great friend like Erin who scopes them out for you)
  • Less stuff to carry in my purse.  No more diapers, no more wipes. 
  • You can hear “I not a baby mommy. I a big boy.” all day long.  It is so cute!
  • You also hear “What I do mommy? I do it on the potty.  Yay me!” 


  • Public restrooms. More on that in a bit
  • Riding in Meggy Mommy’s car scared to death that he will christen the backseat
  • Fire hose like spray all over the bathroom

Okay, so how did I do it?  I didn’t!  I give all the credit to Winnie Mommy.  She has had him in underwear since he started school.  She has faithfully washed out numerous pairs of shorts and underwear for me.  She never complained and always had them neatly tied up in a bag for me.  It took 2 months, which she said it would take awhile, but she was persistent.  Thank you Winnie Mommy!

So on to the public restrooms.  If you are a sissy have a weak stomach, you may not want to proceed.  I will mention bodily functions and some of you can’t handle it.  You have been warned.

I know I’ve told some of you that there aren’t many “american” toilets here.  There are literally holes in the ground that they call squatters.  The name explains it all.  You must squat and do your business.  It is not easy for a girl. It is very easy for boys though.   Riley thinks it is very cool! 

 Let me give you a visual…(not really you sick, sick people) You know how when you’re at the gym and you’re doing squats and your legs shake?  Come on, I know some of you remember.  You can just imagine the awkwardness of trying to accomplish that task with clothes on and trying to do your business in a hole.  All the while trying to not pee on your clothes or your shoes.  These Taiwanese people are talented.  However, today at the pool was the worst.  Both the kids had to poo.  Riley twice.

I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that it was not fun!  Most places have a “handicap” or “american” toilet hidden somewhere, but not the pool.  Let’s just say that in order to go swimming both of my children must use the facilities at home before we go.  The good news is that Riley actually told me both times so I wasn’t poo fishing in the pool.

Sorry for the potty post!  It had to be done.  Some of you have asked me about that situation here, so I thought Riley being potty trained was the perfect time to bring it up!


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