A Japanese Dinner In Taiwan

Tonight was so much fun!  All the teachers took us out for a goodbye dinner.  They wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant since they know how much Ricky loves sushi.  Here is Ricky lovin’ some sushi.

Okay, it’s not the best picture, but it will do.  I caught him mid chew and it’s the only one I had of him with the sushi.  The teachers ordered tons of food!  It was a very long dinner, about two hours.  They eat slowly and serve little bits at a time. It was nice because it gave us time to socialize!  Here is the salad and some sushi.


Lily loved the salad, after the teachers ate the octopus and fish eggs out of it.  Boy, she was served octopus two times in one day.  What a lucky girl!  She even ate it with chopsticks.

Another not so great picture again!  Sorry!  Since my camera is swimming with the fishes, the Potes were nice enough to let me borrow theirs.  I’m not used to it, so my pictures were a little on the blurry/awkward position/amateur side!  Oh well. You get the idea.


Here is a picture of the other end of the table.  We had quite a big group!

And of course I have a picture of the kids with Meggy Mommy!

The best part of the night was before we even left for dinner though.  Mickey Mommy and Winnie Mommy both made presents for the kids to take home.  They are so very special.  They both had a heart on the front and said that they made them from their hearts.  Awww!  Winnie Mommy made a photo board of Smiley Riley.   It has pictures of the kids from the day they started.  It was so very sweet.


Mickey Mommy made a photo album with pictures of Lily, the little teacher.  She loved to sit and teach the other kids.  I don’t know where she gets it from =)  These are definitely presents that we will treasure!

We feel so very blessed to have met each and every one of these people.  They have really become our Taiwanese family and we will miss them so very much.  We love you all!

***Check out the video page for a video of the teachers doing the “Nee How Bung”/You are great video for Lily.  She loved it!  It made her feel very special.


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