The Dog Days of Summer

Let me introduce you to Maddy, our almost 10 year old weimarainer.  She was our first baby, even though she is gray and furry.  She stayed with my sister while we were in Taiwan, and I like to think that she missed us.  Don’t you love the smile in this picture? 

So it has been so very hot here this week, but I am not complaining.  The temp has been around 90 degrees so we have spent a few days at the pool =)  Meemaw even joined us in the pool one day.  I love summer!!! 

Lily is a little fish and has been since she was two.  She was jumping off the diving board at Jacob and Zoe’s house this week! (thanks for inviting us over Amy!)  Riley is insane psychotic adventurous in the pool.  He absolutely refuses floaties and is all over the place.  The boy goes 200% the WHOLE time we are in the pool.  I have to say that he can really swim now.  He even started jumping in like Lily and would be way to far from the steps.  Scared me to death the first few times.  However, he knew how to come up for air.  Amazing!  Lily didn’t even do that until she was four.  So, we will definitely enjoy the rest of our summer!

Last night we just hung out and decided to set up the sprinkler.  The kids love running through it and there is nothing as sweet as the giggles of two little ones.  (Remind me of this next time Riley is melting down and Lily has asked a thousand time where we are going for the day) 

We enjoyed watching the sunset last night from the driveway and it was beautiful.  We let the kids stay up to watch it so they were up until about 9:30.  They are still sleeping and it is almost 8 AM.  We just may have to let them stay up and watch the sunset a little more often!  Mama can get a lot done when the kids sleep in =)

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