Lily’s Bedtime Prayer

Last night was an unusual night for both of my children.  Usually, they are in bed by 8:00 during the summer and 7:30 during the winter.  Last night we decided to skip the routine and let them stay up a little later, like 10:00 PM! 

We were outside watering the lawn (don’t faint Meemaw) and they were both still in swimsuits, so they ran through the sprinklers.  We then ended up chatting with neighbors and before you know it, it was 9:30 and they were riding scooters up and down the sidewalks.  We had to drag them inside to get them to bed.

Riley crashed immediately.  He was worn out from a day of swimming and playing with his cousins.  Lily was ready for her chapter in a new Bible we got called “The Jesus Storybook Bible.”  It is awesome!  She can’t wait to read a chapter every night.  Last night we read about Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac.  She was enthralled.  The way the stories are told totally captivate her.  So, after the chapter it was time for prayer.  She said her now I lay me down to sleep prayer and then had a special prayer.  Here’s how it went…

Dear Lord,  Please help us to have a great day tomorrow.  Help us to get along and have a great day.  Lord, thank you for the Bible.  I know now that it is no ordinary book.  Thank you for Jesus.   Amen

From the mouth of a five year is such wisdom.  The Bible is definitely no ordinary book and how she came up with those words is beyond me.  I am so proud of her for having this thirst of wanting to learn about God and all He has done for us.  You can click  here  to check it out for yourself.  I highly recommend it!


1 Response to “Lily’s Bedtime Prayer”

  1. 1 Alisa July 23, 2008 at 1:41 am

    tears in my eyes! Lily is definately wise beyond her years!

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