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I Am Still Here

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here but I’ve been stuck in the world of organic food and juicing.  It’s not a bad place to be, but it is very time consuming.  I have so much to write about and no time.  I’ll give you the brief synopsis…

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God is Good

Okay, so we found out that we have an option to stay home during radiation!!!  Isn’t God so good?  The past couple of days I’ve been on the phonewith so many people weighing our options.  Of course, we want the absolute best treatment facility and if that place is in Houston, then we are there.  However, after speaking with the doctors and some people at MD Anderson, we found out that staying home is an option.  As long as there are no extra special circumstances involved with the radiation, then they see no reason to move to Houston for that time just for the radiation.

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Heading to Houston

We finally got the test results today and they were not the ones we were hoping to get.  The 1P chromosome is intact which means it’s not deleted.  The 19Q chromosome is uncertain.  That is why the results took so long to get back.  I guess they had to run the tests a couple of times and for some reason, they could not say whether the 19Q was deleted or not. 

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No Results Yet

Can you believe it?  We are still waiting on the test results for the deleted chromosomes!!!  We were promised by the Cleveland Clinic that they would be faxed over to  Dr. McPherson’s office by 5 pm today, but they were not.  I am so frustrated and tired, but I know that I need to wait on God’s perfect timing.  There is a reason they are taking so long, we just don’t know why.

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Making Muffins

I love to cook!  I haven’t had much of a chance lately, but this morning the kids wanted to make muffins.  We were up at 7, so we had plenty of time before school.  We decided on Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Yes, they are as good as they sound.  So, here they are taking turns stirring the batter. 

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Ike Followed Us Home

We ended up getting out of Houston a day early.  We woke up on Thursday and got out Houston to beat out the hurricane.  Who would have thought that it would follow us home?!?

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So I just laid the kids down for the night.  We have an early day tomorrow because we are walking the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk in the morning in memory of Jenn Carter. I had mentioned her battle with breast cancer to many of you, and she lost her battle less than a month ago.  She left behind a husband and five children.  Please say a prayer for her family tonight. 

We have to leave at about 7:15, so the kids HAD to go to bed.  Ricky laid Riley down and Lily wanted me to lay with her for a few minutes and “talk.”  She could barely keep her eyes open, but she fought the urge just to spend that time alone with me.  It is so sweet and such a special time.

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