No Results Yet

Can you believe it?  We are still waiting on the test results for the deleted chromosomes!!!  We were promised by the Cleveland Clinic that they would be faxed over to  Dr. McPherson’s office by 5 pm today, but they were not.  I am so frustrated and tired, but I know that I need to wait on God’s perfect timing.  There is a reason they are taking so long, we just don’t know why.

In other news, we have been busy preparing a new way of eating.  Using “Beating Cancer With Nutrition” by Patrick Quillin, I have learned so much about how food can affect cancer.  Cancer actually grows and feeds off of sugar, so we have cut out all refined sugar.  Goodbye Cherry Coke Zero. I am definitely in withdraw right now.  I have a headache the size of Texas. 

 The other parts have been easy to incorporate.  Lots of veggies and lean protein. I spent the day, seriously, the whole day, steaming and pureeing veggies.  It took forever, but I know it will be worth it.  I bought another book called “Deceptively Delicious” that gives you ways to add pureed veggies to everyday recipes.  Tomorrow morning we will have scrambled eggs with an addition of cauliflower puree.  Sounds interesting, but I’ve heard that they are great. 

 I am working on figuring out all of the vitamin and mineral supplements that he needs to have daily.  If anyone has first hand knowledge, please share with me.  I am overwhelmed by this aspect.  I can handle all of the food, because I LOVE to cook, but the rest is foreign to me.  Everyone has their own opinion, so it’s hard to know who to follow.  Ya know?

I’m leaving you tonight with an inspiring story.  I got in touch with someone from a friend of a friend, whose husband had a Grade 4 brain tumor in 2001.  He was also a baseball player at the time.  He underwent the same surgery as Ricky, and followed up with chemo and radiation.  Three months after the surgery, his tumor recurred.  He underwent another craniotomy and started a different type of chemo.  After the second surgery, he changed his diet according to “Beating Cancer With Nutrition” and his wife who is a nutritionist tweaked it a little for him.   He is now a six year survivor and teaches ninth grade algebra.  Wow!  That is a very brief summary of what they went through to get to where they are now, but I feel that God truly put her in my life to show us how normal life can become after all of this.  She said that she actually has days when they don’t even think about brain cancer.  That seems so far away right now, but it’s good to know that we will get there.  I look forward to the day when I can share my testimony with someone who is in my position.  When I can lift someone up to help them make it through that day.  When I can give someone hope.

Hopefully, I can report tomorrow with some test results.  They will be hounding the Cleveland Clinic again in the morning.  If you hear of some crazy woman busting down the doors at the Clinic tomorrow I have no idea who it could be and you never read this =)

Goodnight sweet friends…


3 Responses to “No Results Yet”

  1. 1 Alisa September 22, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    Oh Tracey! I keep checking to see what you’ve found out. The diet sounds fantastic and so promising to know someone who followed it and had such amazing success!
    You are in our prayers

  2. 2 Sherah September 23, 2008 at 8:41 am

    Tracey….I’m glad they have helped you see a positive side of this all. And I love your new nutrition plan. I have the deceptively delicious book and they do actually some yummy. You’ll have to let us know your favorites. (Mine’s in az right now). Well, looking forward to the results and will be checking back here soon!!!
    Always…The Williams’

  3. 3 Erin Pote September 23, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    Sherah bought me the cookbook as well:) It is sooooo good! You will be a puree-ing fool! How awesome that the Ramsey’s are able to share their experience and offer their advice.

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