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Dear Friends of the Stone Family,
Please let me introduce myself.  My name is Alisa Figueroa. Tracey and I have never met in person, yet she continues to enrich my life every day.
Tracey and I “met” when Ricky decided to play in Taiwan.  My husband had played for the Uni-Lions last year and so we began emailing and then talking as she prepared for their family’s adventure.  While the family was in Taiwan I would “instant message” with Tracey on a regular basis.

While playing in Taiwan, Ricky, Tracey, Lily and Riley met the Pote Family. 
I’m sure you can imagine that when you play baseball in a foreign country the other Americans become your extended family. 
After Erin and I heard about Ricky’s seizure in August, Erin emailed me and asked me what I thought of doing an online auction to raise money for the Stone Family.  I quickly jumped on board.
In the weeks since that email, Erin and I have contacted as many people in the Baseball Community to ask them to send us any thing they have to auction online.  The response has been amazing.  To date we have over 89 unique items that are sure to help raise a lot to help the Stone family.
What I would LOVE is if any of you reading this blog could email me at with words that tell just what Ricky and his family mean to you.  Any words kindness and appreciation.  What we are planning to do with these words is to set up a part of our auction information page ( and to post your words there for all the world to see just how amazing this family is!  We want those who may only be looking for a unique piece of baseball memorablia to read about how the Stone family has touched each of us and to see what a great cause their donation will be going to.
Thank you so much for your assitance with this!  If you’d rather we don’t put your name after your words of kindness, just let me know that as well.
Don’t forget to visit the Rally for Recovery blog and to sign up for our email alerts when we add things and to alert you to when items are up for auction!
Thank you Again!
Alisa Figueroa (and Erin Pote)
Please take a look at Rally for Recovery.  This will be an online auction of amazing baseball memoribilia to raise money for Ricky Stone. 

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