Psalm 126:3

The LORD has done great things for us,
       and we are filled with joy

I just wanted to take a minute to just praise God for all He is doing in our lives.  So many times, life gets hectic and I forget to thank those that really have touched our lives.  Of course, God just continues to provide and bless us each day.  His love is amazing and I am just so thankful that He is in our lives. I can’t imagine what we would be like during this trying time if we didn’t have Him to lean on.

I also need to thank all of our family and friends.  Each and every person in our lives that lifts us up in prayer daily.  I know that is what gives us the strength to get through each and every day.  Each day seems to have a new challenge, yet we persevere and make it through.  All of our friends and family have just pitched and and helped out when asked, or helped out when it was needed and I didn’t even have to ask =)  You are all special to us and we could not walk through this without you.

Finally, I just want to share the joy that we have in our lives through all of this.  We are so joyful that we are home.  We are so joyful that besides a little fatigue and harder work with speech, Ricky still has had no major problems.  We are so joyful that he has 11 treatments down and 22 to go.  1/3 of the way there baby!!!!  We are so joyful that we have settled into somewhat of a routine, no matter how crazy of a routine it is.  We are so joyful that God found a way for us to share our testimony on Sunday (no matter how hard it was for me to do) and minister to someone out there.  We are so joyful that Ricky’s last treatment will be the day before Thanksgiving!  God is so good!

My prayer for you is that you find the time this week to think of all the things in your life that God is doing for you and be filled with joy.  He will continue to fill you with joy even through the most trying times.  You just have to take the time to find it.


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