Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a quick  minute and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  I am about to go headfirst into the kitchen and not leave until we eat at 2:00.  We are having both families over and Riley has already asked me 100 times when the party starts.  Don’t let him fool you, he just wants cake and ice cream =) 

I just wanted to let you know about one of my favorite blogs ever.  Her name is Angie and her blog moves me every single time I visit. Click her name to read today’s post.  Wow!   On this day when we give thanks for all the good in our lives, her post today is amazing!  If you have a few hours to read through her entire story (I caught up in Tawain) I highly suggest it, but have a box of tissues right next to you.  Her writing is beautiful and so full of truth, emotion, and humor.  Seriously, take a minute to click on the link and go read.  I’ll wait……….  See, I told you!  So worth the time.

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving today!  Our family has so much to be grateful for and we just praise God for every little blessing. 

Love and blessings!


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