Kindergarten Conversation

I love getting to volunteer in Lily’s classroom.  I miss teaching.  I miss being around the kids.  So getting to volunteer is always a treat for me.  I have to share with you a conversation between Lily’s teacher and “Bob”.  I’ll call him “Bob” to protect his identity.  “Bob” is always full of stories to share.  He is super sweet and lovable, but very talkative.  “Bob” is always a treat and always says the funniest things.  This time, I had to blog about it.  Any teachers or parents of Kindergarten age kids will have a laugh.  It was the end of the morning and the kids were getting ready to go home.

Lily’s teacher was letting the kids know that they will have some special time with magnets tomorrow in the motor room instead of their normal gym time, so they don’t need to wear gym shoes.  “Bob” then asks if he can wear his cowboy boots tomorrow and of course Lily’s teacher says yes.  I try not to laugh because he is so serious. 

Then all the kids start asking what is a magnet.  They discuss it and then “Bob” speaks up.

Bob:  Do you know what they call a magnet in Mexico?  I know what they call it.

Teacher:  “Bob”, what do they call a magnet in Mexico?

Bob:  A pagnet.  They call a magnet a pagnet in Mexico.  Know what else?  They stick to wood there, not metal.

Teacher:  Are you sure that magnet and pagnet aren’t just rhyming words?

(I am turned around laughing at this point.  He is dead serious and Lily’s teacher is just calm as can be. The kids are all intently listening to what “Bob” has to say about pagnets.)

Bob:  No, they really do call it a pagnet and they stick to wood.  I know this for sure.  Really, I do.

I then asked her if she could write a book after having “Bob” in class this year.  She just smiled and of course said yes.  Oh, what a fun way to end my morning!


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