Coaches Spectacular

Lily had an awesome meet today!  We couldn’t have been any prouder of her.  She overcame some fears she had, mainly falling over the bar during her dismount from the last meet, and did wonderful!  She competed on vault, bars, beam  and floor.  She finished 4th on vault, 6th on bars, 3rd on beam, and 5th on floor.  She finished 4th all around.  Her team finished 2nd!  It was a wonderful morning and you can tell by the pictures that she was having a blast.  She said her favorite part was getting a blue ribbon for beam and earning a trophy!  Here are some pictures from this morning.

Waiting patiently for her turn on vault


Waiting again (there is a lot of waiting during a meet!)


National Anthem


Beautiful beam routine


Smiling as she put away her blue beam ribbon


Getting pumped up for floor


Third place on beam


Fourth all around salute


Flowers from Ganny, Papaw, Nana, and Grandpa


At home with all of her awards.  They received a ribbon for each event, a medal for each event, and a trophy for all around.


This last picture has nothing to do with the meet, but I couldn’t help but put it up here.  I don’t know if I should be disturbed or laughing hysterically?!?  Okay, I’m laughing hysterically!!


1 Response to “Coaches Spectacular”

  1. 1 Ricky Sweet January 28, 2009 at 11:17 am

    Great pictures she is beautiful, i’m sure you guys had as much fun as she did. Spring training getting closer look forward to seeing you there. That last picutre is funny but God will that be used as blackmail later in life. My mom had a picture like that and sent it to school when i was in high school. He better get ahold of that now. 🙂 I think about you all often.

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