Chemo Update…Round 2

Well, I am so glad that round 2 of chemo is over.  It was ugly.  The last two days  were awful.  Ricky felt so bad.  He had a queasy feeling all week but made it through to Friday.  He napped his usual two to three hours every day.  Friday morning he woke up and came down to eat breakfast.  After he finished he immediately felt sick.  He went to bed and stayed there until 6 that night.  He just felt awful.  It broke my heart because there was nothing that I could do! I prayed over him so many times he was sick of seeing me =)   He eventually did get up and said he wanted a big hamburger.  So I went to Chili’s and got him one.  He ate the whole thing and felt ok.  Totally off of the food plan, but I figure you gotta eat what you can and when you can!

Saturday morning he woke up and said he wanted pancakes.  I made him some whole wheat pancakes that he loves, and halfway through the same feeling hit.  So he spent yesterday the same way he spent Friday.  I just pray that he wakes up today refreshed and feeling great! 

I have to say that the chemo is a lot tougher than we expected.  We thought he would sail through just like he did the radiation.  Not so much!  The fatigue is never ending and the nausea made him miserable.  It was a tough week for us since the kids were off school four days due to ice and snow.  Momma is tired!!!  Trying to keep everyone happy this week was not easy.  Quiet kids and a sick and tired hubby do NOT go together.  However, we made it through by the grace of God!

Please pray that the sickness will be gone today!  Please pray that the fatigue lets up and does not get any worse.  Please continue to pray for complete healing!


3 Responses to “Chemo Update…Round 2”

  1. 1 Kelly L. February 2, 2009 at 2:14 pm


    I’m so sorry to hear that Ricky is having a bad go with the chemo. Please don’t forget that we are right across the street, so don’t hesitate to ask for anything that you may need.

    Tell Ricky that I’m thinking about him.


  2. 2 Danny G February 6, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    We will always have Ricky and you in our prayers. Stay strong because he will pull through this, he’s always been tough. If you ever need any help at all please don’t hesitate to call us. When he is feeling alright we’d love to get together and see him. It’s been too long.

  3. 3 Kris Theobald February 15, 2009 at 2:00 am

    Hello Ricky. You may not remember me, I went to school with you and we used to play basketball at the Y and over at the Church by Marsh’s or anywhere else we could find a game. I was shocked to hear what you had been going through. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I have a testimony myself and would enjoy talking to you sometime. I am glad to see you have a good Christian family and have a strong faith. I have been preaching for several years now and am always happy to see old friends serving the Lord. Again you are in my prayers, hope to talk to you sometime. God Bless.

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