Stone Family Updates

Long time, no post.  Life gets busy, and I tend to slack on posting.  I’m still trying to get caught up on all the paperwork and bills from being gone for 9 days.  Slowly, but surely, I’m getting there!  I will give you a quick update on what has been going on in the Stone house…

Ricky finished his fourth round of chemo last Friday.  He felt pretty fatigued the whole week, but only had one afternoon of nausea.  Praise God!  He took the ABH pill from MD Anderson for that on Friday afternoon and slept for four and a half hours.  He felt much better when he woke up and that was the end of that!

He then left on Sunday night to go on a mission trip with Cincinnati Christian’s baseball team.  He has been helping them out and has become really close with the boys and coaches.  So, he really felt that he was being to led to go on this trip.  I was a mess about him going.  However, he did really well and said that the trip was just a blessing.  He got to know the team and coaches so much better and just enjoyed being around the game again.  He said that the fellowship there was amazing!  He is headed back home tonight and can’t wait to sleep in his own bed.  The sleeping bed on the bunk bed was not too comfortable.

We are still waiting on his EEG results.  Should be in by the end of the week.  Some of you may know that he had a fall when we were in Disney.  It was the last full day there and he got up to go the bathroom.  On the way back to bed, he just fell.  I was very concerned because he didn’t know why he fell and couldn’t explain how he felt.  So, they wanted to do an EEG to check his brain activity and see if there is any abnormal seizure type activity going on.  If not, then they will assume that it was just exhaustion related from all of the Disney fun we had that week.  He has had no other episode, so we are praying for the latter reason.  I will update on that when we get the results.

He is set up for his next MRI on April 10 and his appointment at MD Anderson is on April 14.  We continue to pray for a clean MRI with no regrowth.  The two months in between appointments go so very quickly.  I will update here and on facebook as soon as I can after that appointment.

In other news, Lily had her first gymnastics tryout over the weekend.  She tried out for CRT 4, which is the next level up from this year.  She made team and will begin practices with them on April 13.  Her competitions will begin in the fall, so she’ll work this spring and summer on learning her new routines.  However, there is another tryout in May that she may be doing.  It is for USAG 4, which is a higher competition level than CRT.  Same skills and same routines, but longer workouts and tougher competition.  Ricky and I will be praying as to whether or not she should do the tryouts or not.  Tough decision when she’s not even 6 yet!!!

She has started soccer practices and her games begin April 18.   She is having a blast and loves every minute out on the field.  We have had some cold practices so I’m hoping that spring will get here and stay.  Momma doesn’t like freezing for an hour watching practice!

Riley is still doing well and just being a total boy.  He throws stuff, bothers his sister, and turns everything into a bat and ball.  Some of you will remember this post with the picture at the end of him peeing off the deck.  Click the blue link and you can see for yourself.  Well, we just had a warm day yesterday and he decided to try the old potty in the yard again.  Except this time he came in with no pants on and needed wiped.  Yes folks, my son pooped in the yard for the whole neighborhood to see.  I was mortified but couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.  So gross!  He keeps me on my toes and I just love every last bit of his orneriness.

I have been hanging in there.  We joined the Y back in the winter and I finally signed up for some classes this term.  I am taking spinning two days a week and zumba one day.  I love spinning and am actually dragging my friend Janette with me tomorrow morning to try it out.  She is also going to do the Frog Jog 5K with me on April 25!  I have gotten to run a few times outside lately, but am no where near 5K ready.  Hopefully, we can make it through!  I am so excited to have a buddy to run it with me this year.

The same friend, Janette, made a video montage of our trip to the zoo today.  Since she worked so hard on it, I thought that it would be great to post it right on here!  She has three children.  Zachary is 11, Savannah is almost 10, and Monty is 6.  We met through gymnastics because Lily and Savannah were on training team together this year.  They are an amazing family and I feel so blessed that the Lord has brought us together!  It was a perfect day and all of the animals were out.  I hope you enjoy the video!   Click here to view the video!

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  1. 1 Renee April 8, 2009 at 9:41 am

    I pray for good news from the MRI & the EEG. Boys are just hilarous. Tyler did the same thing Riley did only it was at our neighbors house. Hunter thier dog just did his business and Tyler followed suite!! It was at the very beginning stages of potty training, so I couldn’t be upset, at least he didn’t mess his pants!

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