It’s That Time Again

I can’t believe it’s already been two months!!!!  Ricky is headed for bloodwork tomorrow and his MRI on Friday.  His appointment with Dr. Yung is on Tuesday in Houston.  He has been feeling really good the past two months.  Sure, he’s been tired and still needs frequent naps.  The chemo is always tough.  But, his attitude is unbelievable!!! 

I just admire him so much for his strength and I know you would too if you could see him.  I just love the fact that despite the fact of what he is walking through, he continues to praise God for all of the amazing things going on in our lives!  He gives the glory to Him!!  He could be mad, frustrated, and just become an introvert.  He could choose to hide away from the world and fight this on his own. 

However, that is not what he is doing!  He is helping out with Cincinnati Christian’s baseball team and loving it!!!  He even has his own uniform, which I think he looks pretty darn cute in.  He went on a mission trip to spread the word about how amazing our God is to people who have no hope.  He continues to spend time with the kids and I even when he doesn’t feel the greatest and would rather be napping.  He continues to rely on God and give it all to Him!!! 

So, we will begin the craziness that comes our way every two months.  We couldn’t do this without the help of our family.  My mom stays at the house when we are gone to keep the kids in their normal routine.  My sister and Ricky’s mom and dad help out as well.  And of course Kalynn is at our house to help out when needed!  It’s so nice to know that the kids aren’t affected by us packing up and leaving a few days every two months.

The trip out there is always crazy because it’s so short.  We are exhausted when we return and must dive right back into the daily routine.  Ricky also starts chemo on Monday the 20, so no real break when we get home.  However, God will give us the strength to get through.  He always does.

Thank you all for your continued prayers! 

I also have a couple of prayer requests for some friends.  If you could add them to your prayer list and any prayer chains, I would so appreciate it!!

Monty is an unbelievable 6 year old little boy that will be undergoing surgery on Tuesday the 14th.  His sister takes gymnastics with Lily and that is how we got to know him and his family.  Please pray for his health to be good enough for him to go through the surgery and also pray for the wisdom of the doctors.  Please pray for his family who of course are going through a lot this week getting things ready for the surgery.  He is such an amazing little guy that we have loved getting spend time with and know the past couple of months!!!

Ruth is a friend from church that is going through a lot of medical issues right now.  Please pray for her strength to get through this time and also pray for her health.  She is an unbelievable woman of God that is so strong in her faith!  She has had a difficult past couple of weeks and has really been on my heart!

Thank you prayer warriors!!!

EDIT ****  I have not had one person respond to my prior post for the Walk For Life!  I know times are really tough, trust me, I know!  Any amount would be appreciated!  Please pray about it and see if the Lord leads you to donate!

1 Response to “It’s That Time Again”

  1. 1 Whitney & Sean April 12, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that as much as I was crying in church today . . . your cardboard confessional made me cry even harder! We’ll keep you in our prayers, and don’t forget if you need anything . . please let us know! Your journey has been an amazing faith walk, and we are blessed to have been able to grow with you and through you! You are an insperation! We love you both! Happy Easter~

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