Jersey Retirement

Saturday night was awesome!  They retired Ricky’s jersey and we couldn’t be prouder.  If I can ever figure out how to get video off of my camcorder onto my computer and then onto the website, you can watch it!  Until then, I have pictures. 

 Dan Bowling was Ricky’s coach in high school and is still the coach so he recapped Ricky’s high school career.  He did a great job with the speech he put together with all of his accomplishments.  Ricky was a true four year varsity player which means he never played a game at the JV level.  His stats were amazing, but I can’t remember them all off hand.  However, I do remember that he led the team in home runs his senior year with 8!  He has always been so proud of  that =) 

003 [640x480]

004 [640x480]

009 [640x480]

010 [640x480]

The next pics are just some random ones from the game and later on.  Here is Lily…upside down of course!

012 [640x480]

Riley in his garage sale Power Ranger suit!  He wanted muscles like daddy.  He slept in it that night…

017 [640x480]

The kids took turns taking pictures.  Here is the one Riley took of Lily and I.

022 [640x480]

And the one Lily took.  Riley of course had to be rotten and not smile.

021 [640x480]

It was a wonderful ending to a perfect night.  I am so proud of Ricky and all that he has accomplished!


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