Summertime Fun

Enjoy these photos from the past week!  We have been enjoying this warm weather!

Here are the kids helping Ricky plant our first vegetable garden.

001 [640x480]

002 [640x480]

Don’t laugh at Riley’s pink shovel!

003 [640x480]

004 [640x480]

005 [640x480]

The finished product…

014 [640x480]

Cold sprinkler water

016 [640x480]

Lily, Ella, and Riley taking a pool break.

001 [640x480]

Maddy taking a nap in the sun!

002 [640x480]

Sprinkler fun!  Lily cracks me up!

005 [640x480]

Ella and Lily decorating cookies!  Yummy!

007 [640x480]

Riley loving some cookies!

008 [640x480]

Ricky with his fishing hat, shorts, knee high socks, and paint roller!  That is so hot =)

010 [640x480]

The kids heard the music from the ice cream man and went nuts! 

011 [640x480]

Lily was the birthday girl at school today!  She got to wear a crown and be the helper.

013 [640x480]

Enjoying her birthday treat!  We made butterfly cookies for the girls and caterpillar cookies for the boys.

014 [640x480]

She got to share every day this week.  Today she shared her gymnastics trophy.

015 [640x480]

Of course, I can’t have a post with pictures without one of  Lily upside down.  Except in these, she was upside down in the baby pool!  She is crazy!

016 [640x480]

017 [640x480]

In other news, Ricky’s round 6 of chemo has gone very well!  He has kept himself busy with outside projects.  He has done the vegetable garden, planted flowers, and has been working on building a wooden roof for the kids swing set.  The tarp was ripped in the wind storm so that is well needed.  His last night is tonight and do you know what that means?!?…. WE ARE HALFWAY DONE!!  Woo hoo!!


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