A Really Cool Video

The kids and I decided to get butterflies this year at the house and they have been amazing.  They started out as tiny little larvae the length of my little fingernail.  They at least quadrupled in size before they hung in a j shape from the lid.  Each one fromed a chrysilas which was amazing to watch.  It took them about a week to hatch into painted lady butterflies.  We had all 10 hatch!  I was fortunate enough to catch one of the butterflies hatching on video.  This one had fallen so it was a little more difficult for him to emerge.  So cool to watch!  The best part is the first about three and a half minutes of listening to Riley.  You are going to think, “Does he ever stop talking?!?”  Trust me, I think that every day =)

Here is part 2.  I had to flip him over because he was stuck upside down.

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