Happy 6th Birthday Lily

Happy birthday my sweet girl!  It seems like just yesterday my water broke at 35 weeks and you came so quickly into this world.  After 12 long days in the Step down NICU at Memorial Hospital in Houston, you were ours!  You were the happiest, easy going baby and you are still that way…most of the time =) 

I love watching you grow  up and excel in all the things you try!  You have loved your first year of school and have become quite the reader.  You love to read and write!  At home, you enjoy crafts and Littlest Pet Shops but your dream is to have an American Girl Doll.  Maybe Santa will bring you one this year.  Makeup is another one of your loves which cracks me up because I never wear it!  You love to have your nails and hair fixed and enjoy lots of girly things.

Your passion right now is gymnastics!  You eat, sleep, and breathe it.  I pray that you always have that fire and passion in your life.  Whether it is for gymnastics or whatever it may be.  You work so hard and your perseverance has paid off.  We are so proud of you!

You love the Lord!  You come home from church telling us what you learned every Sunday.  When you go to choose a story and you pick up your bible, my heart melts.  When Ri Ri gets a boo boo and you stop to pray for him, I can’t help but smile.  I love watching you trace Daddy’s scar with your finger and asking him when he will be healed.  Not if, but when. I pray that you will always have that kind of faith.   Always remember to put God first and you will continue on the right path!

Daddy and I are so proud of you and all you do!  You are an amazing daughter and big sister.  We love you forever and always! 

Enjoy these pictures from your big day!

This one is before cake…

023 [640x480]

And after…

026 [640x480]

Can’t wait to get in there and party!

003 [640x480]

Getting ready to play hide and go seek.

004 [640x480]

The beautiful cake that Ms. Janette made for you!

001 [640x480]

Candles lit and ready to sing!

018 [640x480]

Dancing to the happy birthday Cha Cha Cha’s!

019 [640x480]

020 [640x480]

It wouldn’t be a party without all of your friends =)

009 [640x480]

010 [640x480]

015 [640x480]

006 [640x480]


016 [640x480]

012 [640x480]

025 [640x480]

Here you are today at exactly 12:43 PM!  You were enjoying playing with your Littlest Pet Shops and looking oh so adorable. You loved hearing us sing Happy Birthday on the exact minute you were born!

028 [640x480]

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