I Love Summer!

I love summer!  I love the warmth of sunshine on my face.  Sitting on our deck and watching the kids play.  Hearing their screams when they hear the ice cream man.  Watching the ice cream melt down their chins as they try and eat it before it melts.  Grilling out.  Eating watermelon.  Catching fireflies.  Kings Island.  Swimming. Late summer nights.  Sun kissed faces.  All of it!  I love it all!  Here are some pictures from our first taste of summer this year.  There will be plenty more to come…

Lily is quite the little fish.  She loves the water and has been a swimmer since she was 2.  However, this year, she can really have fun.  She can finally touch!  She is so excited.

005 [640x480]

Swimming with her cousins.

006 [640x480]

Riley hanging out on the noodle.

022 [640x480]

Getting the courage to let go.  He can swim and finally touch in the shallow end!  Woo hoo!   Mommy gets to sit on the edge this year and just dip my feet in.  Love it!

008 [640x480]

Swimming to Justin

010 [640x480]

Getting braver

014 [640x480]

Super Riley!!  Jumping in and swimming to the steps.

016 [640x480]

He loves goggles. 

015 [640x480]

Snack time with Luke!

018 [640x480]

End of the soccer season party with Lana.

023 [640x480]

Yummy ice cream from the cone.

024 [640x480]

Everyone on the team got a medal.  Coach told her she was small but mighty.  She would face any girl, no matter the size.  Then one of her teammates said, “And she was always falling down!”  HA  So funny and so true.  I think she fell at least 10 tens in the last game.  Coach said, “But she always got right back up!”  Too cute!

028 [640x480]

Here is movie night in our cul de sac.  Our neighbors have a movie screen they attach to their house and they put on a kids movie every Friday night at dusk.  It is so much fun and the kids love it!

003 [640x480]

Finally, here is a picture of Ricky and I from date night.  It doesn’t happen often enough, but it was so nice to have a nice evening out with him.  We had a really good time!

031 [640x480]-1

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