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Houston Trip 2009

Our trip to Houston was amazing!  I tried a new way of posting my pictures since there are so many and it wouldn’t let me order them the way I wanted.  So, they are kind of mixed in together in no certain order.

Our trip started at the Ranch and it was beautiful.  Our week included horseback riding, spotlighting at night for animals, lots of swimming, fishing, a trip to the Jersey Farm to milk cows, a visit to the neighbors “zoo” where there were lemurs, and a tour of Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery. The pictures of Riley at the jersey farm cracked me up.  He had his nose covered almost the entire time.  Way to stinky for him =)  However, he couldn’t wait to see a horse poop and was thrilled that he got his wish.  All boy…that’s all I can say about him.

Ricky did some welding with Josh and had a great time.  Josh had a couple of projects and Ricky spent the afternoon helping him out.  He then worked on welding a cross for his mom made out of railroad spikes.  They are amazing!  Speaking of Josh, he was amazing with the kids.  They loved riding the horse with  him and getting thrown into the pool.  He took Lily and I spotlighting and we saw a ton of animals.   Lily has what I would call a tiny crush on Josh and enjoyed every second with him =) 

Nana Baker was amazing and just loved all over the kids.  They were spoiled with ice cream after every meal and cuddle up rest time every afternoon.  Teresa and Lily hit it off and you can see them working together in the kitchen.  Ricky did have a couple of sick days while we were there, but he had the bunkhouse to rest in while we were at the main house. 

After a week at the Ranch, we headed to Tyler Texas to visit the Brink Family.  Rebecca and Andy have four children and one on the way.  They have two boys who are totally into jousting and sword fighting.  Riley now has a new love of sword fighting and came home with The Armor of God helmet and sword set.  They also have two girls that Lily just adored.  The three of them were like peas in a pod all weekend.  Ricky was sick on Saturday and slept most of the day, but he couldn’t wait to go do the prison ministry on Sunday morning.  He said it was amazing!!  He got to share his testimony with over 100 prisoners and said that it was something that he will never forget.

Then we headed to Houston for a week with Roy and Nicole and their two little girls.  Once again, we had a great time and the kids enjoyed a lot of swimming and indoor play.   The kids set up a lemonade stand and enjoyed selling lemonade to…us!  They live in a cul de sac and there weren’t a whole lot cars!

It was HOT in Houston!!  They had record temperatures that week.  We got to go watch Roy pitch one night and that was a lot of fun.  The roof was closed at the stadium so the temperature was perfect.  We got to go out to dinner and enjoy catching up!  I also got to see my friend Cara’s sweet new baby girl, Abigail.   She is so precious.

Ricky is doing great although he is a little tired.  He is leaving to go fishing with his dad on Friday, so he is trying to get in plenty of rest.  His dad goes on a fishing trip every summer and Ricky has never been able to go. Ricky always said that when he was done with baseball he was going to go.   His dad usually goes to Canada and does the whole backpack and carry your own food and canoe, but this year they are going to stay in a cabin in Mississippi.  I am much happier with that than I was with Canada =)

The top picture is what happens to your garden when you leave for two weeks!!!  We were stunned to come home and find a jungle out there.  Mental note,  next year plant less =)

Enjoy the pictures and thanks for checking in!


Great News!

Okay, so sorry it has taken me so long to update!  The MRI was clean and showed no regrowth.  We continue to praise God for such great news!  We go back in August for his next check up!  I am so thankful that round 7 of chemo is almost over.

He is currently on Day 4 of chemo, and unfortunately today was not so great.  We went on a tour of Blue Bell Creameries to see how they make ice cream and boy was he miserable.  When we got back he took one of his strong anti nausea pills and slept for 4 and a half hours.  He did feel better when he woke up, so that was good!

The ranch has continued to be such a blessing.  We have enjoyed the company of the Bakers and Teresa so much.  They are all truly family to us!  The kids just love them to pieces and will be so sad when we head out tomorrow!  We are so thankful for their kindness!

Tomorrow we are headed to Tyler, Texas to visit with Pastor Andy and his family.  Ricky is going to visit the prison on Sunday morning with Andy to share his testimony and then we get to hear Andy preach at his church.  Please pray for Ricky to feel well as we travel this weekend.  There is nothing worse than driving on these country roads and feeling sick to your stomach.

Andy and his wife have four children with one on the way, so I know the kids will enjoy having so many friends to play with this weekend.  Then we are headed to Houston Sunday night to stay there for the week!  We are staying with Nicole and Roy and their two little girls and Lily is so excited!  Ricky can’t wait to visit with Roy and go see everyone at the field.  He hasn’t been to the field in Houston in a couple of years, so this will mean so much to him.

Okay, I better jump off here before they come and find me.  I am hidden on the only computer in the ranch in the back of Mrs. Baker’s closet!

The Ranch

We are so excited to be here at the Ranch.  The kids have enjoyed every single second of our stay.  We got in Friday night around 10:30 and they were out!  So our first full day here was Saturday.  We started out the day by taking a jeep ride.  They loved sitting in the back of the jeep and spying all the animals.  We topped out at 10 mph and they loved every bump we hit!  We made it down to the horses and we were in for a surprise.

Josh had already saddled the horses and Elvis was ready to take Lily and Riley for a ride.  Lily went first and was a natural.  She was steering the horse all by herself!  She had a smile from ear to ear!  Then Riley got on behind her and she took him for a ride around the arena.  What a great time!

When we got back they couldn’t wait to swim.  So swimming was first and then lunch by the pool.  Daddy rested all morning and then went to do some welding work with Josh after lunch.  While Daddy worked, we took a rest with Nana Baker in the playroom, had snack, swam again, and ate dinner.  When Ricky got back he was starving!  Working at the ranch is hard!  Nana Baker served us all some ice cream for dessert and then we just hung out and chatted.  Ricky and Riley said goodnight at 9:00 and Lily and I stayed up for our next adventure.

We went spotlighting in the jeep with Josh.  You can’t go until dark and you spotlight the land and look for reflections from eyes.  We saw 13 raccoons, 2 beaver(yes, beaver), 1 coyote, 1 skunk(Lily’s least favorite!), 1 wild cat, 1 deer and 1 rabbit.  Lily giggled the entire time and enjoyed every minute!  It was so sweet of Josh to take us out to do that.

Sunday was spent at church and the pool.  It was such a relaxing day. 

Today we got up and decided to go fishing.  The weather here right now is HOT!  High 90’s to 100.  Today started out cloudy and overcast, so we headed out to the pond.  Lily and Riley both caught a fish and Ricky caught 7!  I stood back and helped and got bit by fire ants!  Ouch!  Better me than the kids.  We went back home and the kids and I swam while Ricky napped.  Another beautiful day in the country!

Tonight we plan on going swimming.  The kids want to swim when it’s dark and we thought that would be fun.  The Bakers are back in Houston until tomorrow, so it’s just up here! 

Tonight is also the start of round 7 of chemo.  We are leaving here early tomorrow for Ricky’s appointment at MD Anderson.  The kids are staying here at the ranch while we go.  I will update as soon as I can with the results.  Please pray that Ricky has a smooth chemo week.  This is the first time that we have traveled while he is doing chemo but we couldn’t pass up this family trip!

I will update tomorrow!

Tying Up Loose Ends

So, we leave tomorrow for our trip to Houston.  Bloodwork and MRI were done today.  Bloodwork looked good and we won’t know about the MRI until Tuesday.  Oh, it kills me to wait that long!!  Ricky has had a stomach bug the past couple of days that they were a little worried about, but he feels much better today.  The upset stomach fatigued him even more than he has been, so he is upstairs snugged up with Riley taking a nap.

Chemo starts again on Monday.  This is the first time that he has traveled while doing chemo, but it is the only time that we could go.  Not to mention that his appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, so it just seemed to all work out.  We are taking the kids and staying for two whole weeks!  Please pray that his treatment goes well with no sickness so we can enjoy our time there!

In other news, Lily started her new gymnastics class this week.  It was all conditioning and in her own words, “It was AWESOME!”  It is amazing to me that a 6 year old can be that excited about conditioning for 9 hours a week, which is what she will do this summer, but she is.  They won’t start routines until the fall.  She also is officially on summer break and started it out by sleeping in until 9:30 this morning!  Woohoo!

Riley forgot to read the memo about sleeping in now that summer is here =)  He is excited about going away and can’t wait to hang out with the boys. I have no idea who the boys are that he keeps talking about, but hopefully he’ll find some to hang out with in Houston!  We are trying to decide what sport to let him try in the fall.  I am looking for a fall t ball team, but have yet to find one.  I am most likely going to put him in some type of karate, because the boy loves to do some karate!

I have been doing well.  I have to admit that I haven’t even begun to pack and we fly out tomorrow.  I have to leave in 15 minutes for a three hour sit at gymnastics and I am blogging instead of packing!  I work better under pressure =)

Enjoy some pictures from the past couple of weeks!

Lily at field day!

023 [640x480]

So much fun!

019 [640x480]

A tea party in Lily’s room.  I know, Riley’s in his underwear.  Hey, at least he wasn’t naked =)  It’s hard to keep clothes on him!

027 [640x480]

028 [640x480]

A night at the drive in with friends.

030 [640x480]

032 [640x480]

033 [640x480]

035 [640x480]

037 [640x480]

036 [640x480]

038 [640x480]

042 [640x480]

043 [640x480]

046 [640x480]

047 [640x480]

I will update on Tuesday, hopefully, with the results.  We are staying at the ranch, so I don’t know if I’ll have computer access or not!  Check back on Tuesday night!

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