How Does Ricky’s Chemo Work?

Okay, so I have had a ton of questions about Ricky’s chemo and how it works each month.  It is much different than traditional chemo that is taken for most types of cancer.  Since Ricky’s cancer is primary brain cancer, he must take a special type of chemo called Temodar.  It is an oral chemo that is  known to pass the blood brain barrier, which IV chemos do not do.  Here is his arsenal for the next five days.  These came via fed ex today.

001 [640x480]

That is approximately $6000 dollars worth of medicine.  For 5 days worth!!!  The pills on the right are his chemo pills.  There are 4 boxes with 5 pills in each one.  Every night at 10 pm, he takes 4 pills which equals 400 mg of Temodar.  He will take 4 pills every night for the next five nights.  Does it make him feel nauseous?  Absolutely!!  That’s where the other pills come in handy.

002 [640x480]

Each pack contains 2 pills called Kytril.  This is a new medicine for Ricky this month.  He did take Zofran, but unfortunately that stopped working for him the last round.  We are praying that these little guys work much better.  He will take the first one at 9 pm tonight which is one hour before the Temodar.  He will then take one every 12 hours for the next week.  Even though the Temodar’s last dose is Friday, he will stay on the anti nausea pills for a few extra days.  The days following the treatment tend to hit him pretty hard.

So, tonight is round 8.  We thought it was round 8 of 12, but it looks like we may be in for a longer treatment than expected.  We won’t know more until our next appointment in Houston.  We are praying about this decision, as it is ultimately up to Ricky and not the doctors whether he continues to go more than 12.  He said that he is tired of feeling sick and fatigued, but is not sure if stopping treatment is the right thing to do.  So, please pray for wisdom on our parts for that major decision heading our way.

As for now, we are enjoying the summer!  The pool has been a second home for the kids and I.  Not so much for Ricky, as he must be very careful in the heat.  Here are a couple pictures of the kids with some friends at the pool.  Oh, I can’t forget that Lily and Riley both passed their swim tests at the Y last week!  They told me today that Riley is the youngest to ever pass the swim test.  He gets his athletic ability from me… =)

004 [640x480]

003 [640x480]

001 [640x480]

008 [640x480]

011 [640x480]

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