Fish Fry

Ricky and his dad brought back a ton of fish from their fishing excursion in Mississippi.  Yes, I spelled that out loud as I typed it.  Go ahead.  Do it!  M I S S I S S I P P I.   Alrighty then…  So, we had 80 fish fillets to fry up.  So what do you do?  Invite the family to come and eat it! 

We have promised our friends the Gortners some fried fish all summer, so I hope that it was worth the wait!  We had a great time and ate a ton of fried food.  Fried fish, fried taters, fried hush puppies!  Oh my!  A little banana pudding to top it off and you’ve eaten enough calories for the week!  You’ll see Lily working on her chin ups in one picture.  No, I don’t have her do them at home.  I started P90X last week and this is my bar.  She just had to show everyone how good she was at it =)

Here are two of the four bowls of fillets ready to get battered and fried.  Unfortunately, the bowls have got a stench that won’t go away now.  I almost passed out when Becky stuck it on my head to take a whiff and the bleach after that didn’t help!  Fish stink!  Don’t put them in plastic.  That’s my tip of the day.

001 [640x480]

Ricky and his dad getting the fryers ready in my garage.  You might be a redneck if…

002 [640x480]

The men doing their manly deep frying thing.

006 [640x480]

Tyler, Riley, Anna, and Lily hanging out waiting for the goods!

007 [640x480]

Tyler, Mike, Ganny, Nana, and Hannah!  Bring on the good stuff!

009 [640x480]

All the fried stuff.  Fried fish, fried taters, and fried hush puppies!  The fruit was just to help us feel better about all the grease =)

010 [640x480]

Lily showing off her skills on my pull up bar! 

003 [640x480]

The best part…

014 [640x480]

PS  After I posted this it got me thinking about the fish fry we had last summer when we got home from Taiwan.  Click here to read about our fish fry from July 20th of last year.  My, how things have changed in a year!

1 Response to “Fish Fry”

  1. 1 Becky Gortner July 16, 2009 at 8:11 am

    We had a great time and the food was awesome!! The only thing now is Bill wants a “deep fryer”. I suppose every man needs one!!Thanks again for the food, fun and fellowship.


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