September/October Pictures

My laptop is still in the “hospital”.  It’s been 2 months.  Not sure if I’ll ever see it again.  I finally figured out how to download pictures on this one, which is only for school purposes.  Shhhh….don’t tell Ricky!  Enjoy these photos from our blessed couple of months!

Riley’s First Day of School

230 [640x480]


231 [640x480]

Riley’s birthday party at Pump it Up!

277 [640x480]

4 years old!

282 [640x480]

Fun with Luke!

251 [640x480]

He loved the boxing!

242 [640x480]

Gymnastics get together!  Picnic time.

 318 [640x480]

Hanging out with Daddy!

319 [640x480]


320 [640x480]

Lily and Lana

328 [640x480]

Riley and Monty

324 [640x480]

Batman birthday wings

331 [640x480]

Batmobile from Grandpa and Nana

333 [640x480]

Finally Riley is old enough to play sports!  He was so excited to carry his soccer  bag to the field.

334 [640x480]

Ready to play

335 [640x480]

Riley and his mini pumpkin and non matching camo.  Some things are so not worth the fight =)

365 [640x480]

My handsome hubby!  I love this picture of him!!

378 [640x480]

Daddy, Lily, and Riley

379 [640x480]

Trip to Barn N Bunk…Love the old wagon

382 [640x480]

Riley loving the apple slingshot

397 [640x480]

Lily had to get in on the action too!

398 [640x480]

The perfect pumpkins

406 [640x480]

Roller girl

001 [640x480]

Kayla and Lily at Kayla’s birthday party…on Halloween!  Girls Rock =)

002 [640x480]

My sweet candy corn princess

014 [640x480]

Power Ranger Riley.  We won’t mention that this is not the costume he had me buy.  We won’t mention that this was the garage sale find that someone gave him this summer.  We won’t mention the huge fit he through on Halloween AGAIN this year.  Click here and scroll down to see the debacle from last year.   We won’t mention the huge hole in the butt either.  Ahem… on to the picture!

016 [640x480]

 My precious Halloween cuties!

020 [640x480]

Riley showing off his Power Ranger moves

021 [640x480]

Lily, Riley, and Power Ranger Luke from next door

025 [640x480]

Daddy, Lily, and Riley

027 [640x480]

Our neighbor, Jennifer, and her four girls.  How amazing is this Michael Jackson tribute?  Seriously, she was kind of creepy it looked so real =)

026 [640x480]

All of us at Trunk or Treat at church.

029 [640x480]

Loved this cute trunk.  Every trunk had a memory verse.  Lily enjoyed reading them all as we went through.

030 [640x480]

This one was amazing…

031 [640x480]

Here’s the Jesus pumpkin up close.  WOW

032 [640x480]

Loving the chocolate!

033 [640x480]


034 [640x480]


If you made it this far, that is the end of my two month photo montage.  In other news…

RICKY’S LAST ROUND OF CHEMO STARTS MONDAY!  Yes, I had to yell it!  We are so excited.  He can’t wait to have these 12 treatments behind him.  Please pray for him this week that the side effects are minimal.  Please pray for me as well, the guilt of me working and going back to school always hits hard on chemo week and the week after.  I feel bad having him do so much when he feels yucky!


1 Response to “September/October Pictures”

  1. 1 Alisa November 1, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    what great photos! So glad to see all is well with you guys! You are all in our prayers this week and next that they both pass quickly without incident and that Ricky feels well!

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