Christmas Tree 2009

So we made our annual trek to find the perfect Christmas tree.  We always go the day after Thanksgiving.  Last year we decided to go to a place where you cut your own.  That was nice, but we heard about a place called Big Tree Plantation from our friends the Gortners.  This place has live reindeer, Santa, a gift shop, free hot chocolate, and a horse drawn carriage ride to the Christmas tree field.  Click here to check it out yourself!

When we got there we were so pleased.  We were all bundled up because it is freezing here today!  We even had our first snow flurries while we were on the carriage ride.  How cool is that?  Here we are ready to start our adventure.


We went to see Santa first.  Santa was in this little wooden house and was so awesome.  The kids were awestruck and Riley wouldn’t even look at him.  He kept his eyes squeezed shut the entire time.  He cracked me up.  Lily had no problems talking to him.  He asked her to leave Donner some carrots because they were his favorite! So cute!

Could Riley look any more ornery?

I let Lily have some one on one time with Santa since Riley wasn’t cooperating.

They had a neat gift shop that had a snack room.  There was an awesome gingerbread house.

Not to mention free hot chocolate. 

They had two live reindeer.  Lily thought it was so neat to see them in person.  Riley was concerned about the poop.  Why is there reindeer poop all over?  Why does it look like beans?  His gag reflex started to kick in…always a good time with Riley!

We even saw Mary and Joseph headed to Bethlehem!

Finishing up the hot chocolate before heading out to find the perfect tree.

Riding in the tree sled…

My mind has been changed since our outing last year.  Yes, I still hate sweeping up pine needles for a month, but it is so worth it. 

However, we still had the annual cutting down the Christmas tree Riley meltdown.  I couldn’t get it as detailed as last year because we were in the middle of the field and Lily had to go potty.  I had one hiding in the trees and then laying down in the field because he was cold.  The other one was jumping up and down because she had to pee.  Maybe my mind hasn’t changed as much now that I think about it =)   

So here is Riley hiding from me with his grumpy face.  I wish you could see the crusted glaze from the apple fritter and hot chocolate splashed on his cheek. 



Here is Lily when she found the perfect tree!  So you see the look on her face!?!  She had to pee soooo bad, but she was a trooper and helped us find the tree first.

Ricky cutting down the tree.  No, I didn’t help.  Someone had to document with pictures and video.  One of the nice workers came to help out though.  I’m sure he thought I was crazy!!! I had one crying, one stomping to go pee, one trying to cut down a tree, and I was taking pictures and video!  Don’t judge me  people =)


Then we headed back to the barn to get it shaken and wrapped.  After this picture I had to scoop up Riley who completely lost it and run with him and Lily to the port o let.  Good times friends…good times.  We won’t even discuss the camera that was dropped in the process that I had to go back and search for in the field.  I won’t even go there!

However, these two smiling faces make it all worth it!  We love our new tree and it is perfect.  Almost as perfect as the nap Riley is taking right now =)

The lights are up and decorations will go up later tonight or tomorrow.  I’ll post more pics when it is fully decorated and we have all recovered from our outing!!


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