New Camera

What a glorious day!  It is a snow day here in freezing Ohio!!  No school means pjs and movies all day, plus time to mess with my new camera.  My usual subjects, aka Lily and Riley, were not in on the photo fun.  They would much rather watch Star Wars with Daddy.  Whatever!!  Therefore, my subjects became Sarah and Maddy, aka cat and dog.  They listened better than the kids usually do and they work cheap =)

Hope you enjoy my very amateur photos!  If any of you have a Nikon D3000 and would like to give me any hints or tips, please shoot them my way!

Sarah enjoying a snooze on the chair.

Totally unintentional, but made me giggle =)

She is such a good girl. 

Riley jumped in here.  Sarah looks thrilled =)

It’s a tough day in the Stone house.

Anna made these for us and we just love them!  Haven’t put them outside yet though…

You are so right sweet girl!

**I had to add a couple of these…I took them the other day at the gym.  I really need to figure this camera out before her first meet which is next weekend!!

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