So Proud

Conversation in the car on the way to gymnastics…we are listening to Taylor Swift.

Me:  Lily, did you listen to the words in that song?  It is so beautiful.

Lily:  Yes

Me: Do you know that Taylor Swift writes a lot of her own songs?

Lily:  Yes

Me:  What a talent God gave her.  Do you know that God has given us all special talents?

Lily:  Yes, and I know what mine is mom.

Me:  What is it?

Lily:  I can talk like a hillbilly.  “Can I have some soup beans and taters?” (said in PERFECT hillbilly twang)

Me:  Wow!  I am so proud! 

I love that girl!  Her smile and laughter just makes my day…not to mention her hillbilly talk =)


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