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Spring Pictures

Spring has finally sprung here in Ohio!  We are so thankful for the longer days and warm sunshine.  Here are some pictures that I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks!  I also put in a couple from gymnastics and basketball…enjoy!


He Gets His Moves from His Daddy

Riley has a new found love…dancing!  He actually has really enjoyed guitar, keyboarding, and dancing lately.  However, he wanted me to tape him dancing this morning since he has been putting on quite a few shows with this song lately.  He LOVES to make everyone smile and laugh and this dance will make you do that.  Without further ado…

Riley dancing to S I M P… Squirrels In My Pants (from the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack)

I know you will love the lazy animals in the video…made me giggle when I watched it =)

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