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Article on our family

I wanted to share the following link with you.  Joe Lemire, a writer for, wrote an amazing story on our family!  Click the link below to check it out!


Weekend In Louisville

We had an opportunity to go down to Louisville for the weekend and we thought it would be  a great little getaway.  So we packed up and headed down on Friday night.  We started off the evening going for a walk around downtown.  We saw all kinds of neat artwork, sculptures, and fountains.  Here are the kids with a lion in front of Ruth Chris Steakhouse.  Riley’s eyes are closed because of the sun and Lily is roaring.  They are a mess =)

020 [640x480]

There were so many neat fountains around the area.  Riley tried to dive head first into this one.  Notice the tight grip Ricky has on him!

021 [640x480]

We ended up at Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner!

023 [640x480]

024 [640x480]

After dinner we had to walk a couple blocks back to the hotel.  I saw this and thought it was just a neat picture.

025 [640x480]

026 [640x480]

We found some interesting sculptures around the city.  The kids (and Ricky) wanted to touch and climb on them all.

032 [640x480]

031 [640x480]

030 [640x480]

027 [640x480]

I just loved this picture…

029 [640x480]

After a little rest at the hotel…

018 [640x480]

we headed out for a horse drawn carriage ride through the city.

035 [640x480]

033 [640x480]

Our horse Jessie

037 [640x480]

What Lily and Riley thought of Jessie…

034 [640x480]

The next day I took the kids swimming while Ricky napped.  The pool was on top of the roof and it was a beautiful view of the river.  The water was cold, but that didn’t stop them!

038 [640x480]

They smile the entire time they are swimming.  Especially Riley…

042 [640x480]

043 [640x480]

041 [640x480]

Spiky hair that Riley can’t stand!  He let Lily put it in a mohawk once and then smoothed it all down.

039 [640x480]

040 [640x480]

After swimming and a little rest, we were headed off to the Louisville Bats game.  We were headed out at 2 even though the game didn’t start until 6.  Ricky was excited to see everyone and throw BP.  What better way to get to the field than take a trolley ride through the city.  Right?  Don’t you agree?  Let’s just say that the Lord had a lesson in store for me =)

We missed the first trolley that runs every 12-15 minutes right by the hotel.  I forgot my phone in the room and had to run back up and get it.  So Ricky wanted to just walk the 6 blocks.  Nope!  We were taking the trolley and that was final.  It was going to be fun and I was determined.  So, 15 minutes later we get on the trolley.  All was well, fun was being had by all!  Until…

We get to the Louisville Slugger Museum Stop, which was about 6 blocks from where we started and now 12 blocks from the field.  Our lovely and kind trolley driver ( snicker, snicker) informs us that he is going on a 30 minute break.  Come on!  I just want to take a nice family trolley ride to the field.

Ricky is silent.  He gets off the trolley with our transfer tickets and goes to the shade to wait for the next trolley.  I smile and decide that it is a great opportunity to take our picture with the huge bat.  Make lemonade out of lemons, right?

050 [640x480]

I even convinced Ricky to come and take a picture.  Still silent though…

052 [640x480]

So, we take pictures and then stand at the trolley stop.  Then we watch the trolley drive right by us.  Yes, that’s right, it passes us.  We are now about 30 minutes into our trolley trip, 5 of which was actually spent on the trolley.  Ricky looks at me and walks back into the shade.  Not a word.  Silent. 

I take the kids to the bat again.  Walk around a bit.  Now it’s getting hot.  The kids are whining.  Ricky is still staring at me silently from his shady spot.  I just want the darn trolley to stop so we can get on and have our fun family trolley ride to the ball park.  Is that too much to ask?

After another 15 minutes in the hot sun with two whiny kids and a silent, staring husband…the trolley arrives.  It actually stops this time!  We all climb on and hand the new trolley driver our tickets. 

053 [640x480]

Now we are on our way.  We turn the corner to head back down towards Market Street and the 12 blocks to the field.  Until the new trolley driver pulls over.  She said she needs to take a 5 minute break to stretch her legs.  WHAT?!?!  You’ve got to be kidding me?  Where is the hidden camera?  Ricky looks back at me with his all knowing stare and turns back around.  Still no words… 

Soooo…over an hour after our journey began, we made it to Louisville Slugger Field.  What lesson did the Lord teach me?  That sometimes, and only sometimes, Ricky is right!  I said it! 

058 [640x480]

057 [640x480]
We were only there a few minutes when the Gortner’s arrived.  Bill, Becky, Christian, and Anna drove down for the game!  The kids loved running around the stadium since it was empty!  I loved watching Ricky get out there and throw for the first time since his seizure.  He threw a bull pen and it went great!  He had such a good time!

061 [640x480]

063 [640x480]

072 [640x480]

Lily and Riley now think of the Gortners as family!  Lily and Riley were all over them!  Every time I looked down from our seats one of them was climbing a Gortner =) 

Lily and Anna

070 [640x480]

We got to go down into the clubhouse to visit.  This was on the wall when we walked in!  I thought it was pretty neat!

076 [640x480]

075 [640x480]

Then we found the stash of costumes.  Here is Christian the Tomato and Lily Bat!

078 [640x480]

Anna, Riley, and Lily chillin in the big mitt

079 [640x480]

Christian and Riley.  Riley would not leave him alone! 

081 [640x480]

Lily and the Gortner clan.

082 [640x480]

Sweet Anna!  We LOVE her =)

083 [640x480]

Riley with Buddy Bat.  He stalked him all night.  Christian finally ran him down there to meet him!

088 [640x480]

First, Riley spied Christian’s ice cream. 

093 [640x480]

Riley then stared down the ice cream hoping it would leap from the cone to his mouth.  Christian tried so hard not to look into those puppy dog eyes.

094 [640x480]

Pleasssseee… cream….come to me!!!  Notice the smirk on Christian’s face in this pic. 

095 [640x480]

I then took him up to get him his own ice cream.  Unfortunately, they were out of mint chocolate chip.  He did settle for chocolate though =)

Jersey Retirement

Saturday night was awesome!  They retired Ricky’s jersey and we couldn’t be prouder.  If I can ever figure out how to get video off of my camcorder onto my computer and then onto the website, you can watch it!  Until then, I have pictures. 

 Dan Bowling was Ricky’s coach in high school and is still the coach so he recapped Ricky’s high school career.  He did a great job with the speech he put together with all of his accomplishments.  Ricky was a true four year varsity player which means he never played a game at the JV level.  His stats were amazing, but I can’t remember them all off hand.  However, I do remember that he led the team in home runs his senior year with 8!  He has always been so proud of  that =) 

003 [640x480]

004 [640x480]

009 [640x480]

010 [640x480]

The next pics are just some random ones from the game and later on.  Here is Lily…upside down of course!

012 [640x480]

Riley in his garage sale Power Ranger suit!  He wanted muscles like daddy.  He slept in it that night…

017 [640x480]

The kids took turns taking pictures.  Here is the one Riley took of Lily and I.

022 [640x480]

And the one Lily took.  Riley of course had to be rotten and not smile.

021 [640x480]

It was a wonderful ending to a perfect night.  I am so proud of Ricky and all that he has accomplished!

Pssst….I Have A Secret

Okay, I have a secret.  It’s a pretty big secret and I have been wanting to tell yall for awhile now.  Here I go…

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Beautiful Sunday

We had an amazing day yesterday at the Reds game.  It was beautiful out, as it has been all week, and the kids had a blast.  Ricky took my nephews and Riley into the clubhouse as a surprise, and they were speechless.  Tyler is a huge baseball fan and was in awe.  Our whole family has been so helpful the past couple of weeks and that includes the boys.  They have played with Lily and Riley nonstop and not complained one bit.  This day at the ballpark was a little thank you for all they have done.

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Good News Bad News

Ok, so I have some good news and some bad news.  Which do you want to hear first?  If it were me, I would want to hear the bad news first so then the good news could cheer me up.  What about you?  Ok, it doesn’t really matter.  I will start with the bad news…

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Lily’s View of Baseball and Daddy

We just got home and turned on the game.  This is the conversation that followed…

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