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Jersey Retirement

Saturday night was awesome!  They retired Ricky’s jersey and we couldn’t be prouder.  If I can ever figure out how to get video off of my camcorder onto my computer and then onto the website, you can watch it!  Until then, I have pictures. 

 Dan Bowling was Ricky’s coach in high school and is still the coach so he recapped Ricky’s high school career.  He did a great job with the speech he put together with all of his accomplishments.  Ricky was a true four year varsity player which means he never played a game at the JV level.  His stats were amazing, but I can’t remember them all off hand.  However, I do remember that he led the team in home runs his senior year with 8!  He has always been so proud of  that =) 

003 [640x480]

004 [640x480]

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010 [640x480]

The next pics are just some random ones from the game and later on.  Here is Lily…upside down of course!

012 [640x480]

Riley in his garage sale Power Ranger suit!  He wanted muscles like daddy.  He slept in it that night…

017 [640x480]

The kids took turns taking pictures.  Here is the one Riley took of Lily and I.

022 [640x480]

And the one Lily took.  Riley of course had to be rotten and not smile.

021 [640x480]

It was a wonderful ending to a perfect night.  I am so proud of Ricky and all that he has accomplished!


Pictures and More Pictures

Okay, I realize that I haven’t posted pictures in awhile.  So, this post will be mostly pictures.  I have some from Easter, Lily’s first soccer game, and Lily’s gymnastics banquet.  Enjoy!


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I came across this video in my archives.  It is a little dark and was actually in a post from the very beginning of my blog.  However, when I watched it again, I knew I had to post it.  I just LOVE watching my baby praise our God.  His little hand raised in worship is just so full of  innocence and praise.  I’m sorry it’s a little dark.  We were in Taiwan and the lighting was horrible. Seriously, our God IS so amazing.   Hope you enjoy this short video… (You may need to turn up your volume)

Like Father, Like Son




Riley and The Chocolate Chip Muffins

Riley has really been missing his chocolate chip muffins since we started our new way of eating.  He has asked for them every time I bust out the banana carrot peanut butter muffins.  He likes those too, but not as much as the chocolate chip.  So I got out my new recipe book Deceptively Delicious and found a recipe for some.  I made them yesterday morning and hid them away for breakfast this morning. 

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Making Muffins

I love to cook!  I haven’t had much of a chance lately, but this morning the kids wanted to make muffins.  We were up at 7, so we had plenty of time before school.  We decided on Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Yes, they are as good as they sound.  So, here they are taking turns stirring the batter. 

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Riley’s Birthday and A Spoiled Kitty

I just had to add a few pictures.  We had a quick bday party for Riley before we left on Monday.  By quick, I mean that I ran and picked up a cake and spiderman topper 30 minutes before Riley got off school.  We had about 20 minutes to celebrate before we headed off to Houston. 

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