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Riley’s Daily To Do List

1.  Hide Sarah the kitty in any box drawer cabinet  place he can find.  This is usually followed by “Mom.  Where is kitty?”(giggle giggle)

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Riley’s First Day of School

Today was Riley’s first day of preschool…kind of.  He did technically go to school in Taiwan, but I consider this his real first day.  I mean, at least here everyone speaks English.  He had vanilla wafers and orange slices for snack at school instead of tofu and noodles.  Here he is with his first day of school breakfast.  He chose O’s.  I am not complaining.  That was way easier than Lily’s smiley face pancakes and eggs.

Yes, he is just as stinking rotten as he looks!!!

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Playing Ball With Daddy

Since Lily was at school this morning, Riley needed a little one on one time.  He wanted to go get a new backpack since he starts preschool on Tuesday.  He picked out Spiderman. Daddy actually got out this morning and went with us to Target to pick it out.  Riley enjoyed that.

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Ice Cream Smiles

                                                                Ice cream by the fountain

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Beautiful Sunday

We had an amazing day yesterday at the Reds game.  It was beautiful out, as it has been all week, and the kids had a blast.  Ricky took my nephews and Riley into the clubhouse as a surprise, and they were speechless.  Tyler is a huge baseball fan and was in awe.  Our whole family has been so helpful the past couple of weeks and that includes the boys.  They have played with Lily and Riley nonstop and not complained one bit.  This day at the ballpark was a little thank you for all they have done.

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So, Krista and I found this new contraption called a dripstik.  This had to be invented by a mom.  On one side you can fit almost any size ice cream cone and the plastic rim catches the drips.  When you flip it over, there is a spot to hold a popsicle stick.  It worked like a dream for Lily.  Then there’s Riley.

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Otter’s Totterville

Say that 5 times fast!!!  We loaded up the troops and headed down to Otter’s Totterville down in Covington, Kentucky today.  This is what life is like with 5 kids in the bus.  Poor Jackson!  Do you see his little eyeballs popping up over the right side of Jasper’s seat?  Seriously, we need an intercom system to talk to the kids in the back!

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