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Article on our family

I wanted to share the following link with you.  Joe Lemire, a writer for, wrote an amazing story on our family!  Click the link below to check it out!


Long time, no blog

Hey everyone!  It has been quite awhile since I posted.  Life has been busy and unfortunately I haven’t had time to write.  However, seeing as I am on a small trip to New York City, I have the time right now!

Let’s see, what has been going on…I will give a brief update on each of us.

Lily has been busy with what else but gymnastics!!  She has had two competitions and done amazing!  Here are a couple of pictures from her first meet. 

She also decided at the spur of the moment to cut off 10 inches of her hair to donate to locks of love.  We have been following the story of a little girl named Kate McRae who has brain cancer and is currently undergoing treatments.  You can read her story here.   Her story has touched Lily and she decided to cut her hair so she could help others who have lost their hair to cancer treatments.

Riley has been busy with basketball!  He is loving it.  There is nothing cuter than watching him grab a rebound and tuck the basketball under his arm and run straight to the basket.  No dribbling for him…it slows him down =)

I am back in school again.  This semester I have Principalship and Change and Supervision of Teaching.  Classes started last week and I am slowly getting back into a groove.  Teaching continues to go very well and I am enjoying every second of it! 

Ricky is doing great and enjoying not having to put any poison, aka chemo, into his body.  He is still suffering from fatigue, but we are praying that it will diminish as his body is healing from the year of chemo.  His next appointment in Houston is February 9 and I can’t wait to share another amazing report with all of you!

Right now I am typing to you from the Marriot Marquis in New York.  We were asked by the BAT association to come and speak at their annual fundraising dinner.  You can read up on the organization here.  They have helped us tremendously over the past year and a half.  I just finished writing my speech and my palms are sweaty even thinking about getting up to deliver it tomorrow night.  I know the Lord will get me through just as He has done so many times!

Thanks so much for checking in and hopefully I will find the time to update a little more often!

Snow Day

What a crazy day!  We went to bed last night and there was not one flake of snow, but school was already on a two hour delay.  We got the phone call this morning that school was cancelled, but still not one flake.  Well, the predicted snow did come down throughout the day.  We ended up with about 5 inches and the kids couldn’t wait to get out and play in it.  We had a great time!

Snow angel time

Best Buds!

Snow tackle

My sweet boy…

My precious girl…

Time to eat the snow

Monkey see, monkey do. 


It started to snow again right before we went inside.

Hot cocoa time!

New Camera

What a glorious day!  It is a snow day here in freezing Ohio!!  No school means pjs and movies all day, plus time to mess with my new camera.  My usual subjects, aka Lily and Riley, were not in on the photo fun.  They would much rather watch Star Wars with Daddy.  Whatever!!  Therefore, my subjects became Sarah and Maddy, aka cat and dog.  They listened better than the kids usually do and they work cheap =)

Hope you enjoy my very amateur photos!  If any of you have a Nikon D3000 and would like to give me any hints or tips, please shoot them my way!

Sarah enjoying a snooze on the chair.

Totally unintentional, but made me giggle =)

She is such a good girl. 

Riley jumped in here.  Sarah looks thrilled =)

It’s a tough day in the Stone house.

Anna made these for us and we just love them!  Haven’t put them outside yet though…

You are so right sweet girl!

**I had to add a couple of these…I took them the other day at the gym.  I really need to figure this camera out before her first meet which is next weekend!!

It’s a Party in the USA

Here is Lily busting a move in our kitchen!  She got the CD for Christmas.  Be on the lookout for Riley trying to steal her spotlight =)

The Nutcracker 2009

I have never been to The Nutcracker but have always wanted to go.  This year we finally got to go with a group of friends from gymnastics.  What a wonderful time the girls and the moms had.  We started out with lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  The girls loved acting like ladies since they were dressed fancy! It was too cute.  Then it was on to the show.  They were mesmerized!  This will definitely be a tradition that we will enjoy every year.  Enjoy the pictures!

That’s my girl lovin her some whipped cream on that cheesecake!!  Just like her momma =)

Lily’s 2009 Mock Meet

Lily was so excited for her first Level 4 meet.  It was just a mock meet to get the girls ready for the real thing in January.  They were able to wear their leos and warm ups and also get their hair done.  Rachael was sweet enough to come over and fix Lily’s hair for her.  She braided it and then put her pony in sponge rollers.  It turned out adorable.

She did well and had a lot of fun.  Enjoy the following videos of her beam and  floor routine. I have the bar routine but I can’t get it download.  I will have to work on that later.  Somehow I missed vault…oops!

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